Thursday, December 16, 2010

what's your vote??

Here are 2 shots from my shoot yesterday with David Molnar. We have weeded these down from 200...would love your vote on which one we'll use as the first shot for my solo record. This will mainly be used for the Now Hear This compilation my single will be on soon.

We're busy at work in the studio. That and Christmas shopping and wrapping. I think I might like buying gifts for people as much as decorating. Hope youre all enjoying the season, sipping hot cocoa and listening to as much Christmas music as your ears can all just makes me so happy!

Here we go...


do you like the 1st or 2nd?? just leave a comment! Thanks guys! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh the many hats we wear...

We had a great show this weekend in Lafayette, LA...we took our new(new for us, but used van)on its first roadtrip. Sometimes I enjoy roadtrips. It reminds me of the old days..when we rarely got a whole nights sleep in a hotel bed. When we didnt even always get a shower(for the members who like to regularly shower, that is..), and if we did, sometimes it was a flying J truck stop, not a hotel, because tours like Festival Con Dios were routed so badly and most nights were a solid drive so there wasnt time to sleep in a hotel, drive and get there for set up and soundcheck. Makes me tired just thinking of it. But we were all young. I think we might fall apart at the seams if touring still looked like this.

Pretty uneventful trip, other than how frightening it is in some of these tiny southern towns to pull up to a gas station...sometimes between the other drivers and the workers, it for sure feels like walking into the Twilight Zone. Much worse when I have a mohawk. Then I feel slightly afraid for my life. Our drummer, Chase, said at one point as we pulled into a truck stop..."sometimes the south scares me." haha, I would say I'm more amused than scared.

We pulled up for our early morning soundcheck to things running hours behind..but what started as a frustrating day turned into a nice one. the volunteers at Surgefest were so sweet, so helpful! I love when the people who are the heart behind these shows know that we like to get to know them, that its okay to talk to artists, ask questions, as long as you arent a crazy stalker. Then we are probably going to avoid you. ;-) Its been a long time since I met one of those. We played with Group 1 crew, KJ 52, seventh day slumber and Jeremy Camp. Nice day. Great crowd! The sweetest people working in catering who just loved to feed people and made us feel quite at home. And it was in the 70s. In December. Nice change but I must say I like my seasons..and winter is a favorite!

This week I'm working on details for my photo shoot. Sifting through my own stuff, shopping for some looks I want, talking hair with my hair stylist..all fun stuff! The shoot and everything about it will be a different side of me than my fans have seen with Superchick. Fun that I get to show the different hats I wear. I love the feel of Anthropology. The sort of vintage skirts, dresses, tights, boots, sweaters and things..a side of fashion I dont get to explore a lot, but now I can. The softer side of Tricia is what you might expect. This month will be busy. We're working on final vocals as each song gets done, or mostly done. My favorite part of this process is when it all comes together, and I can perfect the vocals with the music all there. :-) Superchick is about to start working on our new album, so this winter will be lots of sangin and writing for me. Exciting!!

I found myself sitting in my house today feeling thankful. For the little things. For a warm house, for my snuggly, sweet dogs, for a job I almost always love(chuckle, chuckle), for new and old friends, a husband who is everything the wrong guys who broke my heart in the past were not, for hope, for things to look forward to and people I love to experience all of it with. My friends, the Hammitts, from sanctus real, had a baby boy a couple months ago who was born with a rare heart disorder. They just recently got to take him home..they were featured on abc talking about this journey and I watched the clip today. To see these friends sharing feelings and emotions I can't imagine having to go through was so hard for me. Matt said something I'll remember. I have said the same thing but in different words many times. He said sometimes you have to choose to trade in pain for a purpose. Interesting way to say it. They said they didnt know how long they would have Bowen, so if they could share his story and God's faihfulness then they gave his life purpose. So much of life is our response to what happens to us and around us.

I'm off friends. Maybe bed early. But I doubt it. Have a great week! I'm crossing my fingers for a good snow here in Nashville.

If you wanted to hear the Hammitt's story. Have tissues close at hand.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Romanced by the season...

Winter is here! And with that, the holidays are here in full swing. My favorite time of year. I am the picture of a girl who loves Christmastime. The smells, candles burning, food we cook together, decorating with lights and garland, Christmas movies, Christmas music my Grandpa used to play like the Rat Pack. People tend to be nicer, more generous, we spend more time with family and friends we love, we're reminded of what really matters(not meaning gifts or Santa). If you ask any of my friends, they will say I'm obsessed. That I start listening to the music too soon, decorate too early and leave all the decor up way too long. Well, if the spirit of Christmas makes me feel that happy inside, I figure why limit myself to 1 month? I'm going to draw it out as long as possible. And some lights I consider "decorative", so they just stay up all year long. I feel no need to apologize. I have gone so far as to decorate my car. I have an FJ Cruiser. It has a rack on top that we string lights around, and we have an outlet in the back so we plug it right in, hit the button and the lights are on. You wouldn't believe how it makes people smile when we're driving, the lights go on, and even the grumpiest of men, for about 3 seconds forget they're grumpy and they crack a huge smile and usually even tip their hat to us, or maybe a little wave. I have gone one step further and will admit I have decorated my dogs..ok, well I mean I put antlers and bells on them. Its almost like decorating them. They love every second. Maybe not. But it makes me happy.

Our friends David and Tammy Molnar are photographers and out of the goodness of their hearts they threw a Christmas party/take pics for all their friends' Xmas cards was early so that people could get their cards out if needed. I didnt even attempt this year. No time. Maybe a Christmas picture email will go out if I'm lucky. =) Here are a couple shots of the Baumhardt family. All of us of course. Theyre amazing and it was a hard nights work, and we so appreciate it! It was a great excuse to dress up, see friends, make new friends and get started on the Christmas cheer!!

A friend of mine, Tenley, and I were writing the other day about the wonder of Christmas. She said a friend of hers put it this way...that she was being "romanced by the season." Last Christmas, our pastor, Stan Mitchell, spoke about just that. He talked about seeing the wonder in his kids eyes when they first learned about the real meaning of Christmas. When they still believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, when they're willing to just be in awe of things, holding no emotions back. This time of year, I think some of us allow some of that wonder to seep back in. It's such a beautiful thing to allow yourself to talk about memories and things that bring up emotion, and just to let it show. To get caught up in this season by allowing yourself to be captivated and romanced by the idea of this baby in a manger, who's name is Jesus. What a beautiful thing that He came so humbly. No Hilton Inn and Suites, no catering room, no first class seat. So unassuming. Always knowing His purpose, His calling would be to save the ones who would later bring all the prophesies to life.

"And from the weight of mercy's cross. You whispered words that saved us all.
So love could be the only song, you hear.Oh, you hear."--

Lyrics from one of the songs on my worship album. And every time I sing it, or hear it, I get that same feeling inside. Love is what motivated every choice and every sacrifice. It's what saved us. Just four words were all that was needed. "Father, please forgive them." The story feels new to me every year. Love. Grace. And if we could live in the wonder of this all year long, I am convinced this world would be a better place.

We are home for the Holidays. I love to be home, to be at church on Sundays, to be settled in our house for long enough that I really feel settled. For any of you who havent travelled consistently at some point, each trip I get back from, I feel like laundry and cleaning needs to start all over. It gets old after a while, and being home long enough to make the house feel lived in is so refreshing for me. I need those times to refuel for the tours and times my house feels more like a familiar hotel stop...

We are hard at work on my worship album. Deciding title this week. Planning the photo shoot for next month, talking ideas, style, hair and know, the fun, girly part of releasing an album! I thought it might be fun to keep you all posted on that process and how its going and how it al works. This is my first shoot not as a whole band and just as a solo artist. It's all almost like the first time because the process has been so different for me.

My family came here for Thanksgiving..they got to visit for the whole week. We had such fun times! Movie nights, dinners at some favorite spots, girl shopping outings, the boys(Nick and Dad)were doing some deer hunting when they could. Decorating my house together, Mom cleaning and organizing things in that way only Moms can, Dad fixing things for us. I guess without getting super mushy I just have to say that I love my parents so much. They are amazing people and have been the example that has made me so excited for the day that I'm a mom too. Memories we make and time together just feels like a blessing after knowing I could've lost my mom to the heart attack last year..we definitely hug longer.

I pray the holidays are a romantic time for you this year. I pray you laugh harder. Let yourself be awed by the moments you're in. And if this Christmas season is a sad or painful time for you, like some have been for me. I pray you surround yourself with people who love you and hug you longer.

Much love----T

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Overwhelmed in a good way

So our month run of tour is done, and we're back home for an almost 2 week break. By break, I mean I'm home and not playing shows, but I went straight into working on our demos with Nick, and today we're tracking drums. We're at a studio in Franklin called Dark Horse. Its a beautiful studio that reminds me of sort of a cabin mansion...yea, hard to describe. We're doing drums in a little cabin off of the main studios..very quaint and cute. We're way out and theres just land and adorable things like a tire swing in the tree right outside..such a cool place to stay and do a whole record, and you can live here if thats how you choose. We're just doing drums here, and then the rest we will probably track at our house. Our friend Joey Sanchez is playing drums for the record. 1 song down and its sounding great! Really excited. Street date is may 3, 2011. We have worked with some amazing writers and put together an album that is personal and vulnerable for me, and I guess I couldnt have asked for anything else in the process.

This tour we're on has felt like this time of reminders for me. Through so many little things, I feel like God's been reminding me to be thankful. That my attitude affects my situation so much, instead of letting circumstances dictate my attitude. I know I have so much to be thankful for and that it outweighs the things I can be frustrated with in life. But its so easy to talk about the negative, to focus on what we need, on what we've lost, on the people we struggle with..but to see what we have allready, all the little times each day that God makes us smile, and to appreciate the relationships we have. When I do focus on the positive, sometimes I am overwhelmed by Him, and ashamed that I ever spend a day whining to Him with the breath He gives.

I have met so many amazing, strong and broken people on this tour. A woman who is a recovering addict, a family who says they are in church bc of our music, a girl who says we were on her bucket list, a girl who lost her brother to suicide bc of bullying...a girl says we saved her life when she was ready to kill herself, a woman shared that beauty from pain helped her through her husband leaving her. I felt like every night God was sending someone to remind me that He will use us, normal and broken and not perfect people, if we will move ourselves out of the way enough for people to see Him in us.

I got to see a friend one day I was in Texas last weekend. She is one of the strongest, most Godly women I know. She is one of my prayer warriors, one of the first people I think to ask when I need prayer. She just had a baby a month ago and had some complications and has been bedridden and in so much pain since the labor. Her baby is good and healthy, but her recovery has been so discouraging and long road for her. I know she believes she can be healed and will be, but has wondered why it hasnt happened yet. She wants to enjoy this newborn time and be able to change diapers and take him on walks and be fully immersed in him right now. So we were talking and her emotions came and she shared her hurt and like shes done for me so many times, I encouraged her in the woman she is and her faith, and just shared some thoughts on why maybe God would be asking her to slow down...the next day she woke up healed of her pain. And she said she believes that my words were what she needed to believe and be ready for healing. My point in the story is the reminder that in our words there is power. There is life or death. There is love or hate. Inspiration and life or discouragement and negative thoughts. And why do we waste these breaths on even speaking out anything other than what could give life and healing and encouragement? The power is not in us or our words or eloquence, but in the One who hears our prayers.

Ok lunch was just delivered..thai food to the rescue. I am so on a thai kick right now. I can get obsessive with food and then I overdue it. but not yet with thai...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

'never, never, never give up..

Today we were in Buena Vista, CO. Such a beautiful town. Mountains all around us. We were eating dinner when a lady walked up to us..she said she wanted to make sure to get to tell us this. Instantly I had a feeling that this wasnt an easy story for her to tell by the look in her eyes. She said that over a year ago she lost her 17 year old daughter in a car accident. Her daughter was a superchick fan and at her funeral, where over 1,000 people came from all over, they played We Live. She said itwas such a hard day but she thought it was a perfect song, because there isnt much that makes sense when something like that happens, but you have to just keep going, live and love, forgive and never give up...

So tonight we dedicated we live to her daughter. I cant imagine how hard it is to love hour daughter, your sister..melissa got to meet her brother and sister. She found out more of the story. Abby was driving, she went off the road, her car when into a river and she drown. Her mom said it was so hard wondering how she actually died, what she was thinking, if she felt so alone. Questions every mom would ask. Questions I know there arent really answers to, and the only peace that could come out of this for this family has to be from God.

Nights like tonight, I know that we might have been sent here just for this family. For some healing or closure for them. Amazing that god will take a whole tour to Colorado, possibly for one person, or a family. He loves us that much.--

Night everyone. Off to finish this episode of extreme makeover home edition. Yes we're crying allready. I love this show.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lets hear it for the underdogs..

Well, yesterday I woke up feeling like a cold was hitting me. Such a bummer. Apparently my immune system just isnt in a great place right now. I did every lilttle thing I know to do. Ate an orange, drank hot tea with honey, had chicken noodle soup..relaxed as much as I could, slept in til after noon today, and then proceeded to watch Glee most of the day in my pj's. I never watched the show when it was on, but a friend loaned me the DVDs and it was perfect for sick day!

Something about the idea of the kids in this Glee club reminds me of our band. Just a couple days ago we were talking about how we feel like we're the band for the underdog. Or for the people who think theyre the underdog, even if they really arent. That could sound rude, like I'm insulting our fans. But it's the furthest from that really. Our fans are the kids who were picked on in school. They're also the kids who picked on someone and years later realized how damaging their actions were in someone's life. Our fans were dorks in h.s. And the cool kids who decided not to use their popularity for anything but good. But when it comes down to it, weren't were all underdogs at some point, or at least in our own minds at some point? And I must admit, I'm a huge fan of the underdogs. They people who didnt just use their looks or their position in some popularity game to get through. They are the smart kids, the sweet kids, the girls who felt ugly and unnoticed, the boys who werent athletic enough to be cool bc of a sport..our fans are moms and dads who want to give their kidssomething positive to listen to, to help them through the awkward years, the dating years, heartbreaks and peer pressure. Girls who made it through depression and cutting and questions of their sexuality, and say that we helped them on that journey somehow.

And every night, I stand on that stage in front of all of you, and am humbled that I have been some small part of your lives and your kids lives. And I see crowds of people who come maybe needng a reminder that life is short and precious. That they are special and unique and there is a plan for their life. That their choices affect the world and they can be a hero in somone's life. And I am honored to be a part of it. Every night. Even when I feel so sick I think I might pass out. ;-)

I'm off to take Nyquil and sleep friends. Hope you're all happy and healthy tonight.



Saturday, October 2, 2010

Party time on the SChick tour...

Missoula, MT--

Here we are, about midway through the busiest time of tour. I'm in my spot in the back lounge, with Jurassic Park 2 playing, sister is next to me. The dogs are chewing bones and getting enough attention you'd think they really were our children.

We have had such a great start to this tour season! We started in Hobbs, NM, had tour rehearsal and first show there. Great start! Amazing crowd. Then we headed to Surprise, AZ. Another great show, great crowd, so many people showed up we couldnt beleve it! Next was Temecula, CA, then 6 flags in Valencia, CA...Gilbert, AZ, Highland, CA and then Hercules, CA ended the first little jaunt. 2 of the shows were smaller more intimate shows, but all just amazing response, good time with all the other bands, and overall we were so surprised by how many people drove far and came to hang with us.

We had 2 days off then and we chose to park in Seattle. Most of us have really good friends in the Seattle area,so we took the chance to see them and hopped off the bus a night. My bestest friend in the whole world, my Kory, lives in Seattle. She just had her first baby boy not long ago and this was my second time with my little Tollan! I got to go post baby shopping with Kory at, of course, forever21 and have dinner together, then I spent the first night with my friends Tiffiny and Jacob. They have a band called Noondaysun, and thats how we met a long time ago at some festivals around Seattle. Great friends, had such a fun night together! The weather was perfect Seattle weather, and we just felt spoiled by it! So refreshing to just have a change of scenery on tour, and when a day off canmean seeing people you love andrarely get to see, it feels like minivacations.

The night before our first day off we finally got to have some fun movie times after the show. We like scarry movies so we watched 28 days or something like that. Kind of cool movie. Then last night we redboxed the Book of Eli, which is just such a great movie. Definitely a must see if you havent. So we're watching the movie, the dogs are passed out and someone stands up to go grab a snack and accidentally stepped on a toy that still squeaks, sophie jumped out from under her blanket and half asleep starts looking for her toy. So funny. Never a dull moment.

We play here in Montana in about an hour. Last night was Spokane, WA. I had felt so wiped out all day and then walked out to this packed room of fans and people who would drive hours just to see us and the other bands on tour...its such a sweet, overwhelming part of what we do. We of course hope that people will come see us, but you just never know. And when they do, its kind of crazy to think that they choose to come see us instead of a million other things they could do, and pay for the evening as well. Pretty cool.

I have to say thank you to radio stations who are playing us, and playing our new single still here. When radio is behind a tour, we can see the difference in attendance and just awareness of where we are and when. We so appreciate getting to partner with all of the great djs out there and try to make people smile every day and inspire them through music. So look us up and come see the tour if we're remotely close to you! Its such a fun night of pretty diverse music. We're enjoying it as much as the fans, i'm pretty sure.

I'm off to get ready. Makeup time. :-) love it! Thanks to everyone whos come out to the reinvention tour so far! Its been a really great fall season, cant wait for the rest. Abd thank you for prayers for our safety and health and my voice. Its holding on. Tired some nights, and i have to rest it more, and other nights i've even been going out to sign and meet people. There was swetpet lady in VIP tonight who said shes been praying for me. So cool. Thanks guys! Much love


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall tour season is here..

Here I sit, all packed and ready to go..not wanting to go to bed bc its my last night in my house for a month, and going to bed means waking up and leaving. For all 12 years of touring, it hasnt ever been easy for me to leave for tour season. Especially when its for more than a week or 2. I remember back in the first couple years of touring, it was really emotional for me. Like that feeling you get when you leave for college, or your parents drive away and leave you somewhere new, or your first day of h.s. Nervous, a little anxiety, trying to be overly organized and ready, emotional but not really knowing why. Its not a new thing for me, and its a bit easier now, but not a piece of cake. When my heart is somewhere else, I really feel divided. I love people deeply. I want to be in their lives daily, somehow, communication if not in you can see my career has stretched me. I've seen how God has changed me through this place of tension in my life. Its good for us to be uncomfortable sometimes right?

Almost always, the minute I get into the bus with the band, my nerves calm and I remember that this is where I've been called, and so its where I want to be. It doesnt make me not miss my husband every one of the 30 some days we're doesnt make me forget that I'm the friend who misses baby births and holidays and weddings. But it gives purpose to the things that arent easy.

So tomorrow we leave for the start of the Reinvention tour. Mostly on the west coast, and that's exciting. We have such a great time on the west coast when we go. Maybe we dont over-expose ourselves there, so people arent bored with us. :-) i'm hoping to see some friends I dont see often enough, and I want to really try to enjoy each day, each place, new people, my band and the bands on the tour.

The first 2 weeks of tour we have 6 shows a week. Not really my favorite way to tour. I like to have maybe 3 or 4 shows and a couple rest days for voice and peace of mind..i am not celine dion but I've started really having to know my voice and my limits and have no talking or less talking days when needed. This tour with this many shows, I'm a bit worried. My voice still is a little rough from this summer and a cold that took it away, so it feels a bit fragile. What I try to do is rest my voice as much as I can on show days..but still inevitable if its pretty tired after the show and we have 4 shows in a row coming up, I have to not go out to sign after the show. It really makes me feel awful people! I know that people wait in lines and want to meet us and connect with us, and we love that! I've tried the whole, I wont talk while i sign. Lets be honest, that wont work. If I'm there, I feel so rude not talking to each person at least a bit. So please know that we are so excited about this tour. We hope you come out. I would love your prayers for my voice to be strong and make it like a champ all tour. And if I dont come out for signing sometimes, know that I feel awful sitting in the bus all alone, not talking, being a hermit, hanging with my dog bc with dogs, no words are necessary.

By the way, this week I went and officially signed the deal for my solo worship album! We've been writing away and looking through songs I might cover. So exciting and so much fun doing this whole project with my husband, Nick. What a special thing for us to do together. The album releases next spring. We will start recording pretty soon after we both get back from tour this fall. Nick plays guitar for Stellar Kart for anyone who doesnt follow him, and if I didnt mention it before. Theyre really busy too, so at least no one is getting left at home. :-) how about another super/stellar tour?? That would be nice and convenient.

So here we come, west coast! It will be us, bread of stone, me in motion and manafest. Should be a great night! Hope to see you soon...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vow of silence

So last week my voice decided that after a trip to Brazil right into radio week where I talked about 8 hours a day right into 2 would just say, Enough. So I came home and got to have almost 2 weeks home with nick. Amazing. But I had no voice. Score for my husband, right? Haha. We had cowrites set up every day, so I had to "attempt" to talk as little as possible while writing songs with people.

We met some really great people who we wrote with this week...and wrote some beautiful songs we're excited about. Its my first time I've really written worship, so its the new, weird thing for me but I've really loved it!

So doing the whole voice rest thing...well, I've had to rest my voice before and each time I feel like I end up learning something from the whole shutting up thing. This time around this is what clicked for me. Obviously my job depends on me having a voice. 4 other people depend on me having a voice, and a lot of people who buy tickets and a promoter who's spent money are affected by whether or not I can sing. Sometimes that pressure might be a bit much for me. And the truth is,I've had shows where I can barely talk by the end of it, but God manages to get me through and our fans are so sweet and forgiving of my manly vocals. Haha. So when my voice is hoarse and I'm trying to rest it, I'm sort of choosing my words wisely, you could say. Normally, I'm a talker. Communication is definitely a love language of mine...talking is how I connect and love people. So not to talk feels so weird for me. But when you know you should talk less, it makes you edit all the unimportant things you might think to say normally.

Moral of my story..I could talk less in general. The truth is,most of us could. There is wisdom in being a good listener. In sometimes sitting back and watching the world around you, noticing things you might not if you were too busy talking. Thats my lesson from voice rest this week. If i always thought,what could i not say? Whats not that important? I might be better off. Or maybe i'd just lose my voice less. :-)

Here's to shutting up more often, friends! I'm off to bed and then another week home, with cowrites every day and then shows this weekend. Excited to get this worship album out to any of you spring! Night night..

Friday, August 20, 2010

Radio week..

This week we got back from a show in brazil..we unpacked, did laundry and repacked for a week of radio visits. Nick and I got to hang out for the day and have a sushi date for our kind of anniversary that was Tuesday and we knew we wouldnt be together. It was our 2 year anniversary, and so far we haven't been together for either. Definitely a tough day for me to not get to be with him. I guess those days when I'm trying to find a positive, I always think that I am so lucky to have married my best friend who I want to be with every day and can't wait to get home to.

So Monday night, Melissa, Matt, Dave and I left with Chris Hauser and Matt Ingle(our amazing radio guys) and set out on what would be over 2,000 miles of driving across the states and visiting radio stations. Tuesday we started in Indianapolis and visited Klove and Air1 then we parted ways and the boys took off with Matt and we set out with Chris. It was quite the week of meeting new people, answering questions about who I am, who we are as a band, what we believe and why we're a band. These weeks are so exhausting but at the same time, for me they are inspiring. To answer those questions reminds me of those things that really matter to me and to us as a ministry, and it stirs things up in me.

This week we got to hang out with radio rations who play us and believe in us and then there are stations that are AC and finding one of our songs that fits is harder to do even if they'd like to. The one thing that stands out to me from everyone we met is that they're all people who are doing something because they believe in what they do and they want to make a difference. It takes a lot of parts to make up a whole, and a station wouldnt work without music, bands would have a hard time selling albums and tickets for shows without radio..we all need each other and if we take the time to get to know each other and respect differences, we'll work like a fine oiled machine(I have no idea where I heard that phrase)..:-)

It turned out to be a great week! There're are DJs and radio teams out there working long and early hours who don't get paid much or at all and they are pretty much pastors in their cities, encouraging people who tune in, praying for them and walking through life with them. It was a good reminder that we're only a part of this industry..and I'm glad to be a part of it.

My hubby is in Holland with Stellar Kart right now..said they had an amazing show headlining mainstage last night. It's his first time there, and I'm excited to hear all about it!

We came to a town called Siren, WI for a show tonight, and then fly to Ohio tomorrow...then HOME! Can't wait.

Fall tour is starting soon! Hope you'll all try to find a show close enough to come out. See you soon!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Lovin'

The summer has come and is going just as quickly. Its been busy and full of airplanes, concerts, family time, sunshine and friends. I havent blogged in quite a while bc Nick and I have been sharing my laptop since his went Byebye, and he really needs it more than I do, so he usually takes it. It feels like so much has happened that one blog can't contain it. I might just have to catch you all up over the next few blogs. We're looking into an Ipad for me, instead of another laptop for him, so our problem will be solved, and blogging can happen again on a regular basis!!

It's been a hot summer, a busy summer and a happy few months for Nick and I. I've pretty much been gone every weekend for festivals. I love festivals. but they do wear. Me. Out. Hot, sweaty, sometimes no dressing room to get out of the heat(so changing for shows as a girl can get creative). But then there are the craaaazy crowds. People who are sunburnt, dehydrated, worn out and overstimulated by too many loud shows in one weekend..but they are willing to stand in the blazing hot sun(or lightning, thunder and rain) for bands they love and maybe only see once a year! And we have so much fun with our fans and's been a good summer of festivals.

Last weekend we played Creation West which has moved to the Seattle area now..always a beautiful place and a good time. I get to see some of my favorite people who live on the other side of the country at least every summer, so that's a bonus. My best friend, Kory, just had her first baby boy, Tollan. I got to spend a day with them and meet my lil god-nephew. Such a special time in their lives and I loved getting to see the look of love only a new parent can know with their very own baby. The day before Creation we played a show in Oregon..I was reminded of how much I love Oregon! Great show too.

Everyone meet Tollan. I heart him.

Our friends Laura and Tiffiny

Then we flew over to Houston and went to see the great people at KSBJ there. Such a cool station and theyre following a cool new vision they have to make a station that's what youth want to hear, even if it means losing the adult crowd and support. The show that night was at the Houston Boardwalk. Beautiful place! We thought we might get rained out or the crowd might be small bc it was raining all day. But showtime came, it was cleared up just enough and the people showed up. It was one of those special shows we'll remember bc the crowd was so gracious, so into the show and a part of it just like we like. They were intense(and it was hot, believe me) and with us til the very end. We signed for a long time and met so many great people! Thank you, Houston, for being a favorite show of our summer season. A mom in the autograph line told us that she had a daughter who died last year and they played one of our songs at the funeral. I know for them, being at the show was such a mix of emotions. Those moments remind me that God is gracious and good and He comforts each one of us in a special way bc He knows us and loves us so intimately. We belong to such a passionate, loving and giving God.

This week I got back home and got to spend a couple of days with Nick, my parents, niece and nephew and sis. It was Mom's birthday Thursday, and I was so happy we got to have time with her. That's the best gift we can give people. The memories we make with people we love are permanent, and stuff we can give is so temporary. My niece, Amanda and nephew, Josiah are really growing up so fast! Crazy when you remember the diaper, baby phase and now we can have God conversations and talk about what they'll do after H.S. someday and grown-up things. My nephew goes into h.s. this year. It brings back so many memories for me of my h.s. years...some awesome, some scarry, some tough. But I'm proud of who he is. He is confident and knows what he believes. And I'm hoping our albums can be a little help getting him through the tough. =)

Family times

I actually had this weekend home. I forget how weird and rare that can be, and when I'm home and Nick's gone, I find myself having no clue what to do with myself. I spent time with my girlfriend, Pixie, today. Her name is Laura, Pixie is what I think when I see her and so it became her nickname..And I'm just about to leave to go see "Inception" with Melissa. I've heard so much about how good it is. I hope I'm not disappointed.

Hope you're all doing well! Thanks so much for reading or following me. Stay tuned for more updates soon on my worship album. It's moving along. We've been writing every day we can that we're both home, and just Thursday wrote one of our favorites yet. So exciting seeing these songs unfold and envisioning people worshipping in their church or their car or wherever they might be with headphones, to something we were a part of. I've always known I would write a worship album, but now it's so real. We're talking dates for the photo shoot and artwork and album title. Crazy. Next year, people...I'll keep you posted on all of it here.

That's all for tonight. Much love.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Humility, good perspective and a ghetto van

Last weekend we drove(in the van, thank you)to Atlanta and played Atlantafest...we were the opening band wed night and the only band...had quite the nice crowd despite the intense heat and the sky looking a bit sketchy. Fun show, until about 4 songs from the end, we were pulled offstage because apparently there was lightning surrounding the stage, I just hadnt noticed, I guess. Sadly we didn't get to play the last 4 songs in the set, which happen to be the top singles we've had and the ones that most people know, and ironically enough, the last song would've been Stand In the Rain. haha, It happens. Ask me how funny it is when we pull up to festivals in our ghetto old van and park it in the spot where they thought we'd park our bus next to all the other buses. Pretty amazing moments. I need to write a book.

We drove about 6 hours after the show into Kentucky and had a hotel room for about 2 hours before we had to check-out. It wasnt the nicest hotel(or should I say motel)we've stayed at, so not being there long didnt make me sad apart from the lack of sleep. This is what being in a band living on a budget looks like, friends. The truth is, we had years we were making more and when the economy wasn't falling apart, and we didnt always spend it wisely. I see bands taking out multiple buses and flying home when they have a couple days off, and you know what I think? First, that $300 you just spent on that flight is right out of your own pocket and every time you decide to splurge on the nicer hotel or more rooms to be more comfy or first class seats, that's a vacation you could've spent with family, its money that could be in a savings account that could put a kid through college or sponsor a child for a whole year...well, you get my point. And second, everything unravels eventually. Esp in this career, if you're doing well, save what you make for the time which could be soon when people suddenly don't think you're as cool, don't buy as many albums, don't race to your shows and don't treat you like royalty.

Do I sound jaded? Honestly I don't feel jaded, I just feel like someone who's been working in a career for 11 years and seen plenty of success, amazing times, and seen the album I'm still proud of not do well. It happens. It's perspective, I think, not jadism...haha, I'm sure that's not a word but I like it. It's a Trishism.

While I'm off the topic....the other day we got to a show and saw the promoter, who we've worked with quite a bit. After our last tour we sent out thank-yous to all the promoters who brought us into their towns. We each wrote a little something inside. When we first saw the promoters, they thanked us for the card and said that in 12 years, it was the first thank-you note they'd ever received. We do feel like these people work so hard, take a gamble to bring us into their towns, pray for these events, and then sometimes we get to the show and dread being social, hide out in our buses or at our hotels til the last minute, treat the volunteers like they should be happy to wait on us bc of who we are..The truth is, if we're really doing this with the right hearts, we should walk out of the bus ready to meet new people, to reach out to someone who's in need and expect God to use us that day. I'm preaching to myself here too. I have hide-out days, guys. I think it's tough to find balance between giving until you lose your voice and emotionally can't handle another smile and not giving at all and just letting people serve you and even expecting it. I don't tell the story to say we're amazing people every day. I'm still just amazed and saddened that ours was the first card they've ever received.

So, Thursday we played Icthus. Very hot, but beautiful day in Kentucky. Our parents got to come out, and we got to see some great friends. The crowds at Icthus are always super energetic and sweet but we particularly liked this years. Really fun show and none of us passed out. =) A friend of mine from H.S. got to play the festival too, which was cool. His name is Brent Reed. Such a great, talented guy and I'm happy to see things moving forward for him. I also got to meet Dave Ramsey, Mr. financial guy. He wasnt actually all that friendly but I get being busy and tired and wanting to just eat and not be social all day long. He's helping a lot of people stop the mentality of living on credit cards and get DEBT FREE!! haha. It's a good thing.

After the show we made the roadtrip back to Nashville with our parents...they came to visit for a couple nights for Fathers Day weekend. It's such a cool thing to be friends with your parents, to enjoy them, to have adult conversation and be able to make silly jokes and have fun together. I love my parents. I love sharing what I do with them, because I know how proud they are of us, and I know I am who I am because of the 18+ years they raised and nurtured and loved and worried and didnt sleep and learned to let go and know I was ready to go...and I imagine that's one of the toughest moments for a parent. I look forward to them being an amazing grandma and grandpa to our kids someday..and after Fathers Day, in honor of them I say to myself and all of us. Don't wait for one Hallmark holiday a year to tell the people you love and treasure who they are to you. We all need to hear those words. We need to be needed. We all want to know we are valued by others and that our life matters. So let's not hold back our emotions and words because sometimes it's scarry to be vulnerable. Let tears flow if they need to, apologize, say I love you, hug someone longer...because all we have is today. It's a gift. It's not worth it to hold grudges and to be stubborn and to refuse the smallest 2 words that can heal so many huge wounds.

Tomorrow we have a meeting and then I'm writing for my worship album. I welcome your prayers for this album that I've always known would happen. I pray for creativity and inspiration from God. I feel small and humble in knowing how to worship and what we should always say...but I'm so encouraged by where it's going and excited to release it for all of you someday soon!!!

goodnight all--hope you're well wherever you are

(happy face) trish

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Little Engine That Could

It has been a whirlwind last few weeks! I've been without my laptop travelling, because it just takes up too much space and adds too much weight in carry-ons, and believe me, airlines are so Nazi about weight and size and blah blah blah. Esp travelling overseas, it gets tricky. Each one has their own rules and you just never know. Anyway, this blog is my attempt to catch up with you! Like old friends, we're sitting down with coffee and cookies and we're chatting about way too much time gone by with no bloggy blog from Tricia. Here we go---

My bestest friend in the whole world lives in Seattle, and we don't get to see each other a lot. She's quite pregnant and I hadn't even gotten to see her little baby bump yet, so her sweet hubby flew me out there a couple of weeks back, and I got to spend a few days with them. So exciting! They were putting the finishing touches on the nursery and sifting through piles of gifts from showers. Kory and I are pretty silly together. She can make me laugh like no other person in the world. It was such a special, refreshing time to have with her the last time before she becomes a Momma. Can't wait to meet Tolin very soon!! Here we are being us together...

Last week we were in Europe. We flew into Vienna first to catch our breath and try to handle jetlag in a beautiful city and before crazy schedule set in. Vienna is lovely. Small enough not to feel threating, sweet people, yummy little cafes, stroooooong coffee. Literally my eyes popped open a bit more with each sip. It was rainy and cool, and we were all fighting the urge to just sleep for 2 days straight. If you've never experienced that kind of jetlag, well, I'd say good for you. It's brutal. It was 7 hours ahead of Nashville time, and that's not easy to adjust to. We explored and rested and then headed to a new spot for us, the country of Slovakia. We played in Trnava. Adorable city, great people, amazing crowd that night that filled this little town square. You couldnt feel much more European than the vibe. People watched from the streets, from the little cafes and pub near the stage, so much fun! Early flight the next day to Sweden...

We played in Uppsala, Sweden. We played at Word of Life church, one of the biggest churches in Europe. The staff and esp the youth pastor and his wife were such welcoming people. We would love to go back, and stay at their retreat even for a bit of a vacation. It was a beautiful part of Sweden and we met such sweet fans that night after the show.

Our friend, Josefine, came to see us. We met her years ago because she is the lady in charge of one of the biggest festivals in Sweden and she's booked us a couple of times, and we just love her! So good to see friends all the way across the world, and know that with the internet, keeping in touch isnt so tough. Here's Josefine with Melissa and I after the show playing in the dressing room.

Next we flew(always bright and early)to Switzerland to play a show we played last year too, and were excited to be asked back to! It was in Frauenfeld and it's called Springtime Festival. Beautiful part of the country, and such a nice time of year to go! We played with Hawk Nelson and Switchfoot that night to end the Europe tiny tour. Not sure if I've ever mentioned here, that I love Switchfoot? I can call them friends, but I'm still a fan of their music and their hearts. Their show never gets boring. They were on our first tour with us, back in the day. Festival Con Dios. haha, good and awful memories are accompanied with that tour.

The next day we had a day to explore Switzerland with such a sweet guide willing to show us around, so we drove to Lucerne. Considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, and it definitely won my heart! I would love to go back and take my hubby someday. Perfect tourist day to end the trip, and be ready for home.

So, that just about catches me up. We are jumping into summer festivals as we speak. We had one last night in Pennsylvania, that was a huge crowd and so much fun. We played with Building 429(amazing guys) and Natalie Grant(and new friend, but I instantly like her.) This week we leave Wed, drive down to Atlantafest and then drive up to Kentucky for Icthus. Little fact, Icthus was THE first Christian music festival. I didnt know that til recently. Lots of history, and lots of good bands play and frolic in the mud there every year. haha. As of lately, when I think of our band, the first thing that comes to mind is, the little engine that could. That just about sums us up, I think! We just keep chugging along as long as all of you keep coming out to shows and buying the albums, we'll be here. =)

My worship album is underway. We are writing and doing demos of all the songs we write in this phase, and are really excited allready about where it's going. Stay in touch and I'll keep you posted on how it's going and release date when it's announced and all!!

I am going to make a late dinner for myself now, while some random Harrison Ford movie plays in the background(I'm a sucker for him since Indiana Jones). Goodnight all, and here's to a great week this week!


Monday, May 24, 2010

You've got so much love in you...

I just got home after the last weekend of tour with Bread of Stone, Luminate and John Reuben. Fun tour! I can definitely say I will miss seeing some of those guys every day. But everything in moderation is good, and the summer festival season is about to be here! Our show last night was in Shaumburg, IL, Chicagoland area. Great show, worked with Edan productions who we love, and got to see some family and friends. It was an outdoor, benefit show with a walk during the day for cancer. Definitely got us all thinking about all the hot, summer festivals we'll play. They are so much fun and the one season of the year you run into so many friends, but such tiring days. The heat, the rain(sometimes), then there's mud...mud and concert don't work well together. But there's something so special about a huge crowd of people who are dirty and roughing it in the outdoors for a few days, excited to see all their favorite bands in one spot. It's such a good energy. I think the pros outweigh the cons. Looking forward to seeing all of you this summer!

We had a couple dates in MI this last weekend..The first was in Trenton at Metro South Church. A young, new, very cook place and so many great people there helping out all day! That night there was a girl we met after the show that said such a simple thing to me that really stuck with me. She came up while we were taking pics with people and said she's been a fan a while and for the first time saw us live, and that she just saw how much love we had in us. Yes, there is a song by the Rocket Summer that says "You've got so much love in you"..that was the first thing that popped into my head. But her comment stuck with me. Not exactly sure why, but I think its really humbling when people say things like that. First, because I know I don't always have the greatest attitude going into a show, or whatever..but I guess my heart of hearts would be for people to see me that way. So, when I see that in spite of me and my imperfections that God really can show Himself through me every night, I feel very small. And I guess I'm glad I'm small or there would be more of me to get in His way.

That same night I met a mom and her daughter. Sweet people. The mom was wearing a silk scarf and looked like she was bald underneath. I asked about it and she very matter of factly said she's lost her hair for 4th time on chemo. When her daughter was born, and I'd guess she was about 10 she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and she's been fighting it ever since. I could see she was a fighter. She gave me a little pink punching glove that says, "Fight like a girl" on it. And I don't think I'll ever forget her face or that glove as a reminder of so many women out there fighting against cancer of some kind. I have been affected by cancer very closely, but don't know what it's like to have it attacking my own body. Any of you out there in that battle or who maybe have won the fight like my own amazing prayers are with you and your families, that you will win this fight, or that your remission will be for the rest of your long lives. Really puts life into perspective for me.

Well, it is a hot, sunny day in Nashville today. We are having a LOST party tonight at my sisters, bc she has tivo and we missed it yesterday. Can't wait, but also a bit sad that this saga of TV is over. Some people for fed up with it, but I've loved it all along. And our LOST nights with friends might be better memories than the show would ever have given! We're making kabobs on the grill(my hubby loves to grill out, and is quite the good chef!)

And for now I'm off to soak up some Vitamins from the lovely sun and have a nice day with my hubby while I can. Hope you're all doin well this Monday wherever you are! Make sure to tell your friends about my blog or twitter if you like keeping in touch..I love all the comments you leave me and feedback on topics I write about. Much love! See you all this summer...


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I wanna live in TVLand..or the movies.

Last night I had a date night with hubby. We are pretty good about having those every week or every other when we're together and can make it happen. We sometimes are only together 2 days a week average when I'm on tour, maybe less, so I think it makes us appreciate that time. And we've learned to 'schedule' each other in when we have days together, or the quality time won't be there..If anything good comes from being apart a lot, its that you don't get tired of each other and take time together for granted. I think it's actually been good for us for the for couple of years of married life! It's a good feeling to know that my husband still wants to pencil me in 2 years in. =)

Don't get me wrong. I know some of you out there are like my parents and grandparents and have been together more years than you've been apart, and I welcome advice on how you've done it and are still in love and still like each other. Sometimes I think the "like" might be more important than the "in love". My dad's advice always was to marry my best friend, and to marry someone I really like. Someone I enjoy being with, so that if the romance is gone or life gets tough or things throw you for a loop, you still have each other and being together, which is good.

Back to the date...we went for sushi with some of our favorite doubledaters, the Molnars. David and Tammy have their own photography business and they travel the world together doing what they love and are amazing at. They are such amazing, inspiring friends. Once at a Michael W. Smith show, he talked about how humbled he is to be surrounded by such driven, talented people and he said he attributed so much of his own success to being surrounded by them. I think Nick and I feel that way. The Molnar's definitely push us to live a better story. (Even loaned us the book I learned that one in). haha.

Miyako is our fav little sushi spot. Maybe not THE best sushi in town, but close and cheap and fast and sweet people who own it. Then Nick and I saw the new Robin Hood. Great movie. I love action flicks and mostly like guy flicks more than chick ones, so this was right up my alley. I grew up loving a Sunday afternoon of action movies or (shockingly) even John Wayne Westerns if it meant time with my Dad..(good memories can make you love the strangest things.) I still might be caught at home alone on a weekend watching Bonanza on TVLand or something of the sort. Yea....I know.

Interesting fun fact is that Superchick has a song called TVLANd..if you're a fan like I am you might be amused. It's a fun song. Here's a lyric for you..-"I wanna live in TVLand with Mr T and the A Team. My problems they could solve before the end of the show. In TVLand." - It gets better from there. Go take a listen.

Back to Robin Hood. I mean, Russell Crowe and this kind of action movie just work so well together! He is so good at being the guy on the white horse who will always pull through and rescue the damsel in distress. Good storyline. Not just the classic Robin Hood story, but some background and a nice love story mixed in. Leaving the theatre, I promptly told my hubs he could call me "milady" anytime he likes. I'm such a sucker for that stuff! Anyway, some movies are best to just wait and redbox or get on netflix(which I recently have and LOVE!)...but this is one that's worth the $10 ticket to see on a big screen. Grab the candy for $1 or less at the store on the way, and you have a fun night out! Yes, I just endorsed sneaking candy in. $5 for the same box of candy is just ridiculous.

I feel old saying that movie tickets are $10. Wow. Inflation.

Tonight was Lost night. The last episode is this Sunday and it's been such a fun thing to watch together with our friends we're all going to wait and watch together Monday night if we can convince someone to tivo it who has tivo. We usully do a potluck dinner or takeout or something, and veg out and enjoy. It's the simple things in life I love.

sidenote: Nick and I are writing for a solo worship album I'm putting out..really excited for this! I've wanted to do a worship album since I've been singing. (Most of my life) So for anyone who has begged me for's coming. Patience. But it's coming. Stay tuned.

Go to to see what Dave and Tammy do

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Operation Beautiful

Tonight we played a h.s. in McAlister, PA. It was a perfect fall weather day out, and we woke up literally parked next to a soccer field and a nice track..I could sense Sophie's excitement when we had our potty walk this morning, and she was antsy all morning til Momma got ready and we went exploring. (Sophie's my dog. Not to be confused with my sister or something, and then that last statement would be really weird.)

Once in a while we hear of something that seems to really go along with our vision as a band, and recently we heard of this movement called Operation Beautiful. You can check it out more at The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post anonymous notes in public places for other women to find. The point is that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. You are enough... just the way you are! It's so simple, but if you make someone smile or think differently about themselves today, than it's worth the little effort, right? We loved the idea, and wrote Caitlin, who started O.B. and told her about our band and that some of our songs are about self-esteem, eating disorders, dealing with body image stuff and we'd love to get involved!

So on our album Rock What You Got there's a song called So Beautiful that pretty much sums up O.B. so Caitlin has used it in some of the videos she posts on her site, and we want to partner with Caitlin and help get the word out. Such a fun, easy, silly little way you can brighten someone's day.

Tonight at our show, Melissa and I posed with the amazing crowd and told them all about O.B. and how they could bring it to their town and start making a difference one little post-it at a time. And earlier today we made some signs and posed out in the soccer field(and I think Sophie even wanted to be a part of it...)

So, if you start this and tell someone about it, it will have a ripple affect, and we'll be making girls feel beautiful all over the world. Check out the website, come up with your own creative way to spread the love if you're interested, and I'd love to see some of your ideas too! If you can, send me a copy to this send them into O.B. and if you want, let them know you heard about them through us..=) Because we really are all beautiful, just like we are, but sometimes it's nice to hear.

p.s. I am wearing a tutu. It was made especially for me by the lovely Kim Mills and Jessica Ramsay. Thanks girls!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sick and thoughtful in DC

Today we are parked just outside of Washington DC for a travel day off. That means that from Nashville to our next show was too far to drive in one we stopped here for the driver to sleep, and then drive the rest tonight. We try to stop somewhere interesting on these days, and some of the band hadn't ever done the DC tourist thing, so they're off doing just that.

Last weekend I came down with some cold bug...started with a sore throat, turned to swollen glands and burning throat, then voice going hoarse and all the other symptoms that come with the usual, sinus infection. I'm actually amazed when I stay healthy, with all the travelling and not always getting solid night's sleep, different allergies every day, different germs...but staying healthy when you're the singer and the show somewhat depends on you is a big deal. I used to stress over it a lot. I remember being on a Newsboys tour where we hardly had a day off a week...a cold wrecked my voice and it didn't have time to heal, and I had to sing on it every night...until I almost had no voice left, and finally had to bail out on a show and take a couple days off. My voice was hoarse for quite a while, so I knew I'd done some damage. Not sure what was worse though....letting my band down or telling the Newsboys I had to miss a show. They were unamused and not what we call, sympathetic. I believe one of them said one night, "I think your voice sounds pretty cool actually"....haha.

It's interesting how my quiet times always teach me something. Voice rest can be hard for someone fairly social and who's love language is communication. I feel awful not communicating with people. I feel like a jerk if I don't sign autographs but doing that without talking just can't work. I end up trying to explain to everyone why I shouldnt talk and by doing that, yep...I talk too much. haha. When I'm trying to rest my voice I naturally listen more, and I'm reminded of how important that is. It's much harder to be a good listener than a good talker. And wiser.

So, trying to be responsible, I stayed behind today to rest instead of sightseeing with the rest of the tour..its mostly just me and my Sophie. She doesnt demand any talking out of me, unless she runs off and I have to yell at her to come back. Sometimes I think it's the best relationships we have that are comfortable with silence. I think its true with us and God too. When I stop giving Him my fix-it or to-do lists and just sit and listen for a while, prayer becomes something so far beyond Forgive me and Help me, can become Speak to me. Quiet me. Guide me. Show me your plan for me right now. And I can't argue that those times in life have been some of my best. Why don't I stay quiet more?

It's been an interesting season in my life lately. Nick and I are coming up on our 2 year Anniversary this August. I feel like the best is yet to come. A family someday, some new projects that are in the works..very exciting things are ahead! I am still praying for so many people I know and love who have been in a season of struggle for what seems like too long. Hold on. Your dawn will come. Live today like it's your first and your last.

"Still here, staggering on, through the impossible. We remain. I can breathe, one more day...still here. Still fighting on. All we have is today. Find my way. To the beauty of one more day, still here." -Superchick

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off His canvas..

We're on tour right now. We have a few bands touring with us, 2 of them in our bus to fit as many people in and of course, save money where we can..John Reuben is one of the artists with us. We love John. I especially love moments when I walk on the bus after a show to find John Reuben sharing the Gospel with one of my dogs. I think Sophie has completed the process with him, but our little Milla doesn't quite get it yet. He says he likes to be relational, and so he's taking it slow and building a good relationship while showing her God's love. And all of you thought that being in a Christian band couldn't be wild and crazy.

Yesterday we played at Anderson University in Anderson, IN. I like the town. Its close for home for Melissa and I, so our parents got to come and that's always special for us. Nothing like have proud, supportive parents sidestage. I think I love my parents and value them now more than I have at any other point in my life. I'm trying to convince them to move to Nashville before I have kids. But I think it may happen in the opposite order. =) We've played there before, and some of the other shows we've played lately are places we've played other tours, other years. I was thinking about how we can play a show at a venue we played a year or 2 before, but be in such a different place personally that the whole experience feels so different. Life is such a journey. I am glad I'm always changing, because I'm definitely not all done. Sometimes reflecting is so humbling when I realize struggles have been with me for years, or forever, then sometimes it's refreshing to see how far you've come in areas...and that maybe God's been painting our story even at times when we thought we took ourselves off of His canvas.

Speaking of Christian bands, I'm just going to say this because it's on my mind, and that's the point of this blogging thing eh?? I know we're all human. I get that we all have different perspectives, different backgrounds, our moral compass may be slightly different based on so many things, and judgement isn't the answer, because each one of is in need of grace. But I also do think there is such a thing as having some integrity, and setting our moral compass somewhere higher than any human around us, and I believe that we will answer to God someday for what we do with what He gives us. I think there is a place for accountability, and I see so many people not willing to question someone, maybe out of fear of what will be brought to light in their own life..I think maybe we are convinced that judgment isn't right and we confuse it with loving someone enough to ask how they're really doing, or to bring up an awkward topic.

I acknowledge that I am imperfect. That wasn't always the case. I think there was a time when I thought I could be good, do good things, and maybe that meant I was one of God's favorites or something messed up like that. I think I've found a healthy middle ground since. But I am frustrated when I see bands on the road, blatantly throwing a sinful lifestyle in God's face while leading crowds of people into worship. A Christian band of grown men who trash a bus that belongs to someone else because they get so drunk, while they have families at home, including kids that want to grow up and be just like Daddy someday. Sorry, that's not a struggle. That's a decision. A bad decision. And no one says anything.

Enough with my rant. I'm not one to hide what I'm feeling. haha. So we had a day off in St Louis today. We went to a Cardinals game. It was a beautiful day outside, other than the wind. I'd say it beat any wind I've experienced in Chicago. But we had a good time together, and for a few moments while we sat in someone else's seats(because we bought the worst ones there without realizing it, thank you ticket lady who sucks at your job), the sun was shining down on us, the stadium is beautiful, the field is so perfect it's almost freaky to look at...and I did feel proud and happy to be an American along with all the other people there. The brat wasn't all that great, but the fries were pretty darn yummy. We walked by the arch, of person it's huge and small all at the same time. (If you've been there, you might understand?)

We're on the bus and off to the next show. Excited to be on tour again! I know that we're lucky that we've even made it this far. Our industry isn't an easy place right now. Tours for the average bands are about half as many shows as one a few years ago would've been. In fact I remember begging Scott Huie for less shows, for a day or 2 off here and there, so my voice and mental state could have some rest. Oh we don't know what we've got til it's gone, do we?? But we still have fans and friends who show up, little towns and big cities...who say they've been changed by something we wrote or played or sang, and it keeps us going. And I feel lucky to have had the chance to be here the last 11 years with people I love and respect.

I have Jurassic Park 2 playing and I'm off to sleep soon, I think. It's a bit early for me to be thinking of sleep, but I'm trying to normalize my schedule a little bit this tour. (We'll see how that goes..) Yes, I can fall asleep to movies like Jurassic Park. Yes, it's one of my favorite series, and most of my friends hate my movie tastes. So long til next time--

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crazy eventually turns to Beautiful

So, I'm still new at this married thing, I would say. And I think I can safely say that Nick and I have had a "testing" time pretty much since our wedding day. Not so much between the 2 of us, but life all around us. It's felt a bit like the storm that hit nashville tonight. Life will seem good for a few days, hopeful, good things on the horizon, than BAM, hail, rain, crappy weather hits. Then a beautiful sunset and it calms and we start to think a sunny day has come, then BAM. Yea, you get the picture. Its been ups and downs for the last couple of years.

I'm talking deaths in the family, jobs lost unexpectedly, friendships lost or strained, plans that seemed certain put on hold, loved ones battling cancer, living tight financially month to month, then a good couple months, then back to living tight. You know those times when disappointment becomes such a normalcy that you don't even realize you've stopped putting hope in anything because disappointment becomes like a bruise that just keeps getting hit, and gets more and more painful each time....

We're there.. I must say we've become pretty resilient. We've become a team. We have been there together for the 2 am phone call that my Mom had a heart attack, and for the momstly silent drive to go see her. For the news that a diagnosis isn't what we'd hoped it might be, for the bill times when we try to make the money stretch further than it will. And through it all, I am so blessed to have him. We have seen God's faithfulness. We wouldn't ask to live this way, but we've learned to expect God to provide, maybe just in time, maybe just enough, but He provides still. I can lay beside my best friend every night, knowing we'll make it, together. Friendships can be torn away from us, nothing in life is for sure and this roller coaster is crazy fun some days and then others, I find myself wetting his shirt with my tears as we fall asleep hoping that the crazy turns to beautiful soon.

One of my best friends is a songwriter/worship leader out in Jacksonville, Florida. She has taught me so much of what it means to be strong yet to stay gentle, to be resilient but to be willing to admit when she is tired. I have seen them go through so many phases, some amazing, some struggles, and I have found so much respect for the way she handles it all. Some phases I have wondered how she still found the faith to stick it out, but she did, and she does. She is a picture to me of a faithful child. I know that God looks down at her and knows she is true, she is with Him through the thick and thin, and sees the beauty and the strength of character developing in her through these years of unknown, of struggle, of the narrow road she's taken.

So one of those things I'm learning is the fierce loyalty I feel for my husband. For how he is treated, respected, or not. I've heard stories of the Mama bear thing Mom's have for their kids, and I almost think there's something similar for a wife and her husband. I think I'd make him a pretty amazing Publicist. I'm pretty sure I'm his biggest fan, or maybe equal to how his Mom sees him. I can feel my claws coming out like Wolveriness about to defend the man who has won her heart and gone out to battle for her, but just been hit on all sides. Too much. I find myself saying that lately...."it just feels like too much." You know, I think we all expect tough times in life, and we sort of brace ourselves for when it comes. But I think we're in a permanent state of bracing. We're talking serious knots in these shoulders. haha.

In another light, I have seen a side of the man I married I might not have known was there for years. He is strong and graciously handles each situation head-on. He handles conflict so much better than I do, and is genuinely a good man even when put to the test. I picked a good one.

Life has its turns. Sometimes they're gentle turns, sometimes it feels like an old wooden rollercoaster's turns...the ones that give you that whiplash feeling and bang your head into the sides of your head brace meant to protect you. But the turns are all leading us somewhere..

And I feel like a pretty lucky girl to be going somewhere, with my best friend...

Monday, March 15, 2010

So much, so little time..

So much, so little time...and time's flying by us, it seems!!

Its mid-March, and I find that hard to believe! It is so true that the older I get, the faster time seems to fly. It's been the last 2 years now I've been doing makeup independently, and recently have had more time at home and have some fun shoots I've worked on.

Last week I did makeup/hair for some music videos for American Bang, 4 sweet Nashville guys signed to Reprise was 4 days of shooting different songs, and different locations every day! It was a lot of fun, great music, and I met some amazing, talented girls who worked with me on it.

Amanda Valentine is a stylist/designer who lives

Grace Stevens is a multi talented lady who is originally from London, and now lives here and she was running the show, all the details were going through her or decided by her. Amazing to see women handle authority and responsibility well, and to meet people I'd love to work with again!

American Bang is managed locally by Q Prime management, and everyone I met there was great to work with...

If you love Rock& Roll, make sure to look these guys up, the music was the kind you don't mind hearing over and over and....yea, you get my point, while they're shooting a song for hours.----

This past Thursday I did makeup/hair for a shoot with David Molnar photographing speakers and authors, Joel and Casey Johnson. What a fun day! The weather completely cooperated and the shots are going to be beautiful, I'm sure. They brought along their son, Lincoln, and while they were shooting, I got to hang out with one of the coolest kids I've met. Makeup/ was a fun day!

Joel and Casey travel right now with Teen Mania speaking at their ATF events...they've just recently released their first book together, The Divine Matchmaker. They're a beautiful couple and just amazing people and have fast become good friends of ours.

Life on the road starting back up....

We(meaning Superchick) are leaving this Wednesday for tour rehearsal and the first Spring tour that phase of my year is starting back up again! I'm excited and it's always a huge adjustment leaving my hubby and home and living out of a suitcase again, but it's always a good phase too. I always drag my feet going, and then I'm reminded that I love my band and miss them when we're home, and I love what I do and I'm so lucky to still be doing it, 11 years later..

I went red(my hair)this winter. Something I'd always wanted to try, so I did. It was fun, but I felt ready for blonde again, so I've been in the process of lightening again, and I'm almost there! I'm a bit more of a golden blonde than norm but that's better than frying my hair and having none. So, today and tomorrow I'm getting myself used to the idea of packing and leaving and remembering what it's like to live on a bus with 10(or sometimes more)guys..thank God for my sister!! I'll try to keep posting from the road, because there are always good stories to tell.

Monday, March 8, 2010

walking in the dark..

Every have one of those days? I mean, not just kind of one of those days, but full-on one of those days...

I'm not dramatizing little things that really aren't a big deal and just being an emotional girl. For the people closest to me, you know that the last, say year or 2 has consistently been disappointing for me and people I love.

Not to say that there isnt good. There is good. But the good, the people who love me and I love so much, the good moments, the great's all mixed in with a lot of letdowns, a lot of thinking something is moving in a good direction only to have the door shut, a lot of seeing people I love hurt and disappointed and feeling hopeless.

I'm not writing a woe is me blog. I'm writing what I'm actually feeling and thinking tonight. Tonight, enough little things hit me to just tip it. I'm a tired girl. I'm tired of getting excited when the good, the best case scenario just never quite seems to happen..

Sometimes when you share these kinds of thoughts with people, they can't actually handle it. They start to tell you how it all works out eventually. It will get better. God uses everything for our good. It will make me stronger. There's a reason for it all. They start to wonder if you're seriously depressed, if you should go talk to someone or its seasonal depression or whatever...

You've heard these "comforting words" before, havent you? Isnt it just ever okay to say how you feel, at the risk of sounding a bit hopeless or like a person who's faith might be put to the test at that moment? Well, it is, of course. Only the people who are like family, only the deepest friends, only people who really want to let you talk it out will listen and be okay hearing that kind of thing.

Sometimes I want to write songs about these days. But in songs, generally if its a sad song, you make it happy or hopeful by the end, by the bridge or last verse. But thats not always reality, is it? Some days you go to sleep still searching for answers. Still frustrated with the trite advice you're sometimes given, and still wondering how much you can take with your faith intact.

It doesnt always make sense. Life isn't always fair. God is sometimes distant in the long, dark nights when you so desperately want something to cling onto.

I'm tired of being in the waiting room outside of what I think my dreams are. I'm tired of just making it by. I'm tired of being hopeful to make other people think I'm okay. Tonight, I want to let myself be what I am inside. My heart is tired. I'm ready for God to show Himself in my life, in my family and friend's lives who have been waiting and praying for so long. Here's an honest thought for you. I'm tired of seeing people succeed and feel like I'm always cheering them on and acting happy but I'm actually thinking, why not me? I'm tired of seeing fake people who have really good social skills get ahead. haha. That one makes me laugh out loud. There's brutal honesty for you, and in the industry I'm in, I'm tired of seeing people use God to sound good and look good and who lead completely contradictory lives with the success it appears God gives them.

I'm not giving up. Its just a bad day. I don't always share these days, because its so tempting to put on the facade that I have it all together, that life is never a downer for tricia, to lead people to believe that I never get mad at God and His ways or what He allows me to go through...but I'm going to be honest. I'm going to be transparent with you. And with myself. And maybe that's the start of really healing in areas that feel really sore and bruised and burned.

In the midst of feeling all of this, I have a husband who loves me more than I have ever in my life thought someone could love me...seeing me for exactly who I am, best and worst. I have family and friends who encourage me, who see the best in me, who are my cheerleaders when I'm discouraged...there is good. There is love. Sometimes it feels like a scale, right? And some days one outweighs the other. Which side of your scale is weighing in heavier tonight? And are you willing to be honest with people when it's not the good "christian" answer?

Maybe tonight just being a tree in a story about a forest just isnt feeling like enough.

So, I just took my dogs out for a potty..I walked around the house and there's a spot where, at night, its completely dark and we have these stone steps in the grass to follow around to the backyard...I find myself every time, taking those steps I can't see, but I know that they're there, because I've walked it so many times in the sunlight. Some nights those steps just feel a bit harder to trust. But they're there. And I always find the right place for my next step, and then...there's the light and I can see again. Tonight I stood on the last step knowing that I was hearing from God during a potty walk. haha. Walking blindly might never feel easy. But we'll all make it. And if we step off the path just a bit, we'll still find our way..we might just be more cautious next time around.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Waiting on a heart

One year ago today, my friend Billy's daughter, Adah, was in the hospital waiting for a heart. In October of 2008, Adah was diagnosed with Idiopathic Restrictive Cardiomyopathy, a rare heart disease that effects one in 1 million children. On February 18, 2009, she received a successful heart transplant.

From the time that Adah was diagnosed til her transplant and even in updates now, I have prayed with them and gotten the updates on found myself catching my breath at every update in my inbox..sometimes multiple ones a day. For 5 months, they had to watch Adah's health somewhat decline, and then Feb 18th, there was a heart there...and Adah was wheeled into surgery and so many of us waited, praying and hoping for the best.

I just can't even fathom how 2 parents could emotionally handle the road that Billy and Natalie have been on with Adah. I know that it wasn't human strength or peace that they have had. I have seen them turn to God and prayer every step of the way. Adah was 4 years old when she went through all of this. Just a baby. And she was given the chance to grow up to become a teenager, a woman, a wife, a mother, anything she wants to be..

I hadn't really thought about where the heart came from until today. I saw Billy's post and it hit me. Someone else lost their daughter a year ago today, and they allowed her heart to be donated to save Adah's life. Here's a post from Natalie, Adah's mom..

I can't believe it's almost been a year. I remember every detail with distinct clarity. One of my first thoughts after her diagnosis was that this was going to change our lives forever. I think we cling so tightly to what we've always known or how we thought our lives would turn out, that if anything comes our way and threatens that, then an immediate response is to resist. But who are we to resist what the Lord has for us? So it has indeed changed our lives forever, but in the best way that I could have ever imagined.

A year later, I wouldn't trade my place in life for anything. Anything! What an odd thing to say, but I say it with absolute certainty.
So with the start of her second year, we are taking the first steps in getting to know our donor family.

It starts with us writing a letter and then it is up to them whether the communicati
on is continued. I am asking the Lord for profound wisdom as I start this letter. I am at a loss in how to express such unending gratitude, so I am completely dependant on the Lord to show me.--

What a beautiful picture of mercy and grace. Of love. Of faith in God when life turns upside down on our plans and hopes and dreams. Of being willing to see past your situation and put yourself in someone else's shoes. It would be so easy for them to move on and not think of this family's loss on a day when they're rejoicing over her life. I have been so encouraged this year of following in this journey with them. When faith is put to the test so many of us get angry with God and throw up our fists...I saw in this family the opposite. I have seen nothing but open, outstretched hands, asking for mercy and wisdom, and thanking the One who has carried them through.

Have I mentioned how adorable and full of life this little lady is?? I have yet to meet her in person, but I have fallen in love with her spirit and her spunk. I am so overjoyed today to see Adah doing so well, and to see the blessings on this family! They are living life to the full, not taking one moment with each other for granted. I wish the same for you and I.

I can't help but think, those of us with a healthy, beating heart in our many lives can we save and touch and change forever?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Authors of our own stories..

I just finished Donald Miller's new book called "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years".

Really amazing book. I loved Blue Like Jazz for different reasons, and mostly for his style of writing and his willingness to be so honest and transparent about himself and his views of life and spirituality.

I love this book so much, I want to re-read it right now. Maybe I will, but first I'm trying to get my hubby convinced that he should read it. He isnt always much of a book reader, so I'm crossing my fingers on this one. haha. I hope that all of you will grab it or check it out or borrow it and let yourselves dive in like I just did. He has a blog and I'm now following him and you'll find it.

"We have to force ourselves to create scenes. We have to get off the couch and turn the television off, we have to blow up the inner-tubes and head to the river. We have to write the poem and deliver it in person. We have to pull the car off the road and hike to the top of the hill. We have to put on our suits, we have to dance at weddings. We have to make altars..."

First, he talks about writing our own stories. He came into this journey in his life when he was cowriting a movie about his own life..and he kept feeling like his story was so boring. So he started throwing himself into things that were uncomfortable and challenging. He realized he had become a writer and he would sit on his couch writing stories, but he wasnt living a story.

He commented on how throughout the Bible when people had come through huge tragedies or trials, they would build an altar to God, and that maybe that wasn't out of reverance or even completely as an act of worship, but it was a way that they would remember the moment. They would look back and know what that altar meant, where they had come from, what they had overcome.

And the stories that he tells that I will remember most are the stories of people he's met who are making decisions every day that are changing peoples lives..they are throwing themselves into their own stories, taking the pains of life and letting themselves become better through them.

I found myself just so inspired reading..because sometimes I can be so practical and life can feel tough and so not an adventure. I can get into the habit of waking up and wondering what will happen good or bad, and assuming it will be just another day. Sometimes I refuse to let myself be interrupted by an amazing sunset, or a friend's call, or a moment that would be treasured and could become an altar if I would stop and let my life accept something I havent planned for.

The truth is we are all living stories, but we do settle for boring, or selfish, or normal. And there is a world of exciting out there we can invite in. Who we surround ourselves with in life starts to shape us. And if one of us decides to start living an unsettling, exciting, dangerous, unselfish will affect someone else, and then they might do something huge and affect hundreds...and without even knowing it, a choice we make has a ripple affect of love, creativity and inspiration in people's lives all over the world.

"Victor Frankl whispered in my ear all the same. He said to me I was a tree in a story about a forest, and that it was arrogant of me to believe any differently. And he told me... the story of the forest is better than the story of the tree."

You won't regret the hours you spend on this book...the stories will seep inside and inspire you to take the opportunity you have and write your own story. Change it up today. Do something no one would expect of you, try something you're afraid of trying. And if life is feeling hopeless and you're at the wanting to give up point, throw all of your efforts remaining into someone else, reach out, love people and soon you'll be too busy to feel awful about your situation, and without realizing it, you'll be changing the path of your story and writing a new chapter..---

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New shoot with Aliegh B

Star in the making

This Tuesday I worked on a shoot for my sister in law and new artist, Aliegh B( I think she should call herself Tootsi personally..=)) I did makeup and styling, David Molnar was the man behind the camera, Nick Baumhardt and Trevor McNevan were there for shoot support, set up, ideas, DJing.

Nick and Trev have been developing Aliegh for the last few months, and have written some amazing songs I can't wait to hear on the radio. She loves to sing, loves to dance, loves to perform. We can definitely say that this shoot was so much fun, and Aliegh really needed no coaching. She's a natural in front of the lens.

Here are some shots I took during the shoot. They pale in comparison to what David got, and we'll post more of those later when we've picked her promo shots and all. David is an amazing photographer, who also happens to be a great friend of ours. He has a natural way of bringing out the personality in every person he photographs, and makes sure they have a great time in the process. We're all excited to see where Aliegh's career takes her. Stay tuned for what's next, and know that you'll be hearing quite a bit from this little lady.

Can you tell we had a good time? This setup above is a messy bedroom shot. Looks amazing with the wide lens David shot it with. And below you can see my skills playing with my iphone apps. More to come soon......