Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Lovin'

The summer has come and is going just as quickly. Its been busy and full of airplanes, concerts, family time, sunshine and friends. I havent blogged in quite a while bc Nick and I have been sharing my laptop since his went Byebye, and he really needs it more than I do, so he usually takes it. It feels like so much has happened that one blog can't contain it. I might just have to catch you all up over the next few blogs. We're looking into an Ipad for me, instead of another laptop for him, so our problem will be solved, and blogging can happen again on a regular basis!!

It's been a hot summer, a busy summer and a happy few months for Nick and I. I've pretty much been gone every weekend for festivals. I love festivals. but they do wear. Me. Out. Hot, sweaty, sometimes no dressing room to get out of the heat(so changing for shows as a girl can get creative). But then there are the craaaazy crowds. People who are sunburnt, dehydrated, worn out and overstimulated by too many loud shows in one weekend..but they are willing to stand in the blazing hot sun(or lightning, thunder and rain) for bands they love and maybe only see once a year! And we have so much fun with our fans and's been a good summer of festivals.

Last weekend we played Creation West which has moved to the Seattle area now..always a beautiful place and a good time. I get to see some of my favorite people who live on the other side of the country at least every summer, so that's a bonus. My best friend, Kory, just had her first baby boy, Tollan. I got to spend a day with them and meet my lil god-nephew. Such a special time in their lives and I loved getting to see the look of love only a new parent can know with their very own baby. The day before Creation we played a show in Oregon..I was reminded of how much I love Oregon! Great show too.

Everyone meet Tollan. I heart him.

Our friends Laura and Tiffiny

Then we flew over to Houston and went to see the great people at KSBJ there. Such a cool station and theyre following a cool new vision they have to make a station that's what youth want to hear, even if it means losing the adult crowd and support. The show that night was at the Houston Boardwalk. Beautiful place! We thought we might get rained out or the crowd might be small bc it was raining all day. But showtime came, it was cleared up just enough and the people showed up. It was one of those special shows we'll remember bc the crowd was so gracious, so into the show and a part of it just like we like. They were intense(and it was hot, believe me) and with us til the very end. We signed for a long time and met so many great people! Thank you, Houston, for being a favorite show of our summer season. A mom in the autograph line told us that she had a daughter who died last year and they played one of our songs at the funeral. I know for them, being at the show was such a mix of emotions. Those moments remind me that God is gracious and good and He comforts each one of us in a special way bc He knows us and loves us so intimately. We belong to such a passionate, loving and giving God.

This week I got back home and got to spend a couple of days with Nick, my parents, niece and nephew and sis. It was Mom's birthday Thursday, and I was so happy we got to have time with her. That's the best gift we can give people. The memories we make with people we love are permanent, and stuff we can give is so temporary. My niece, Amanda and nephew, Josiah are really growing up so fast! Crazy when you remember the diaper, baby phase and now we can have God conversations and talk about what they'll do after H.S. someday and grown-up things. My nephew goes into h.s. this year. It brings back so many memories for me of my h.s. years...some awesome, some scarry, some tough. But I'm proud of who he is. He is confident and knows what he believes. And I'm hoping our albums can be a little help getting him through the tough. =)

Family times

I actually had this weekend home. I forget how weird and rare that can be, and when I'm home and Nick's gone, I find myself having no clue what to do with myself. I spent time with my girlfriend, Pixie, today. Her name is Laura, Pixie is what I think when I see her and so it became her nickname..And I'm just about to leave to go see "Inception" with Melissa. I've heard so much about how good it is. I hope I'm not disappointed.

Hope you're all doing well! Thanks so much for reading or following me. Stay tuned for more updates soon on my worship album. It's moving along. We've been writing every day we can that we're both home, and just Thursday wrote one of our favorites yet. So exciting seeing these songs unfold and envisioning people worshipping in their church or their car or wherever they might be with headphones, to something we were a part of. I've always known I would write a worship album, but now it's so real. We're talking dates for the photo shoot and artwork and album title. Crazy. Next year, people...I'll keep you posted on all of it here.

That's all for tonight. Much love.