Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sick and thoughtful in DC

Today we are parked just outside of Washington DC for a travel day off. That means that from Nashville to our next show was too far to drive in one we stopped here for the driver to sleep, and then drive the rest tonight. We try to stop somewhere interesting on these days, and some of the band hadn't ever done the DC tourist thing, so they're off doing just that.

Last weekend I came down with some cold bug...started with a sore throat, turned to swollen glands and burning throat, then voice going hoarse and all the other symptoms that come with the usual, sinus infection. I'm actually amazed when I stay healthy, with all the travelling and not always getting solid night's sleep, different allergies every day, different germs...but staying healthy when you're the singer and the show somewhat depends on you is a big deal. I used to stress over it a lot. I remember being on a Newsboys tour where we hardly had a day off a week...a cold wrecked my voice and it didn't have time to heal, and I had to sing on it every night...until I almost had no voice left, and finally had to bail out on a show and take a couple days off. My voice was hoarse for quite a while, so I knew I'd done some damage. Not sure what was worse though....letting my band down or telling the Newsboys I had to miss a show. They were unamused and not what we call, sympathetic. I believe one of them said one night, "I think your voice sounds pretty cool actually"....haha.

It's interesting how my quiet times always teach me something. Voice rest can be hard for someone fairly social and who's love language is communication. I feel awful not communicating with people. I feel like a jerk if I don't sign autographs but doing that without talking just can't work. I end up trying to explain to everyone why I shouldnt talk and by doing that, yep...I talk too much. haha. When I'm trying to rest my voice I naturally listen more, and I'm reminded of how important that is. It's much harder to be a good listener than a good talker. And wiser.

So, trying to be responsible, I stayed behind today to rest instead of sightseeing with the rest of the tour..its mostly just me and my Sophie. She doesnt demand any talking out of me, unless she runs off and I have to yell at her to come back. Sometimes I think it's the best relationships we have that are comfortable with silence. I think its true with us and God too. When I stop giving Him my fix-it or to-do lists and just sit and listen for a while, prayer becomes something so far beyond Forgive me and Help me, can become Speak to me. Quiet me. Guide me. Show me your plan for me right now. And I can't argue that those times in life have been some of my best. Why don't I stay quiet more?

It's been an interesting season in my life lately. Nick and I are coming up on our 2 year Anniversary this August. I feel like the best is yet to come. A family someday, some new projects that are in the works..very exciting things are ahead! I am still praying for so many people I know and love who have been in a season of struggle for what seems like too long. Hold on. Your dawn will come. Live today like it's your first and your last.

"Still here, staggering on, through the impossible. We remain. I can breathe, one more day...still here. Still fighting on. All we have is today. Find my way. To the beauty of one more day, still here." -Superchick


  1. :) its in our quiet times we learn the most. im glad youre feeling better. have an awesome run of shows trish. ill be praying for your voice.

  2. "Live today like it's your first and your last."

    Interesting - I just heard this recently from someone else, and going out on the limb everyday and pushing myself to the limit is definitely a weak point. I'm glad you said this - it's God's way of reminding me at every turn to keep at it.

    Anyway, I saw this post on the Superchick page and was redirected here. Just wanted to say - I was at the concert you bailed on. Columbus, Ohio, 2002, if I remember correctly. I remember you came out on stage and apologized to us about not being able to sing, and so the other guys in the band led us in worship instead. So, while I've never heard you live, I just wanted to thank you for great music all these years and to let you know I'm hoping and praying you get well soon!


  3. I hope you're back up to snuff soon. Nothing like rough vocal chords and commitments in spite of it. On my little person scale -- sore throat, two funerals to sing for, a VBS workshop, and Sunday worship. Had to back out of Mother's Day worship, but wow was that an awesome Sunday morning of quiet rest. I pray you've gotten the rest you need.

    Have suddenly heard you're coming to little ole Trenton, MI!!! Will be there with bells on, as will my 9- and 10-year old daughters who LOVE you guys, and of course hubby will be along too. Hope to hang around and get an autograph, as we weren't able to at you last MI concert. See ya next Thursday!