Monday, May 24, 2010

You've got so much love in you...

I just got home after the last weekend of tour with Bread of Stone, Luminate and John Reuben. Fun tour! I can definitely say I will miss seeing some of those guys every day. But everything in moderation is good, and the summer festival season is about to be here! Our show last night was in Shaumburg, IL, Chicagoland area. Great show, worked with Edan productions who we love, and got to see some family and friends. It was an outdoor, benefit show with a walk during the day for cancer. Definitely got us all thinking about all the hot, summer festivals we'll play. They are so much fun and the one season of the year you run into so many friends, but such tiring days. The heat, the rain(sometimes), then there's mud...mud and concert don't work well together. But there's something so special about a huge crowd of people who are dirty and roughing it in the outdoors for a few days, excited to see all their favorite bands in one spot. It's such a good energy. I think the pros outweigh the cons. Looking forward to seeing all of you this summer!

We had a couple dates in MI this last weekend..The first was in Trenton at Metro South Church. A young, new, very cook place and so many great people there helping out all day! That night there was a girl we met after the show that said such a simple thing to me that really stuck with me. She came up while we were taking pics with people and said she's been a fan a while and for the first time saw us live, and that she just saw how much love we had in us. Yes, there is a song by the Rocket Summer that says "You've got so much love in you"..that was the first thing that popped into my head. But her comment stuck with me. Not exactly sure why, but I think its really humbling when people say things like that. First, because I know I don't always have the greatest attitude going into a show, or whatever..but I guess my heart of hearts would be for people to see me that way. So, when I see that in spite of me and my imperfections that God really can show Himself through me every night, I feel very small. And I guess I'm glad I'm small or there would be more of me to get in His way.

That same night I met a mom and her daughter. Sweet people. The mom was wearing a silk scarf and looked like she was bald underneath. I asked about it and she very matter of factly said she's lost her hair for 4th time on chemo. When her daughter was born, and I'd guess she was about 10 she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and she's been fighting it ever since. I could see she was a fighter. She gave me a little pink punching glove that says, "Fight like a girl" on it. And I don't think I'll ever forget her face or that glove as a reminder of so many women out there fighting against cancer of some kind. I have been affected by cancer very closely, but don't know what it's like to have it attacking my own body. Any of you out there in that battle or who maybe have won the fight like my own amazing prayers are with you and your families, that you will win this fight, or that your remission will be for the rest of your long lives. Really puts life into perspective for me.

Well, it is a hot, sunny day in Nashville today. We are having a LOST party tonight at my sisters, bc she has tivo and we missed it yesterday. Can't wait, but also a bit sad that this saga of TV is over. Some people for fed up with it, but I've loved it all along. And our LOST nights with friends might be better memories than the show would ever have given! We're making kabobs on the grill(my hubby loves to grill out, and is quite the good chef!)

And for now I'm off to soak up some Vitamins from the lovely sun and have a nice day with my hubby while I can. Hope you're all doin well this Monday wherever you are! Make sure to tell your friends about my blog or twitter if you like keeping in touch..I love all the comments you leave me and feedback on topics I write about. Much love! See you all this summer...



  1. Hey Tricia

    Its so true that you guys are full of love. I was at your Sydney, Aus concert a couple months ago and it was awesome! I remember getting my first superchick cd and hoping you would come out to Australia. Years later you did! Yay! Thanks a bunch. Thanks for spreading Gods love everywhere!! ;) keep it up, yeah?!

    Also just saw your wedding photos on max's blog. You look beautiful and the pics are awesome!! :)

    much love

    ari :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed MI, that was a great concert! Love the smallish ones, we get to see more of the 'real you' in performers. It was awesome to see so many kids there -- so glad there's rocking music that glorifies God for our kids now! I'm so glad it's not either/or rock/Xian anymore!!!