Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lets hear it for the underdogs..

Well, yesterday I woke up feeling like a cold was hitting me. Such a bummer. Apparently my immune system just isnt in a great place right now. I did every lilttle thing I know to do. Ate an orange, drank hot tea with honey, had chicken noodle soup..relaxed as much as I could, slept in til after noon today, and then proceeded to watch Glee most of the day in my pj's. I never watched the show when it was on, but a friend loaned me the DVDs and it was perfect for sick day!

Something about the idea of the kids in this Glee club reminds me of our band. Just a couple days ago we were talking about how we feel like we're the band for the underdog. Or for the people who think theyre the underdog, even if they really arent. That could sound rude, like I'm insulting our fans. But it's the furthest from that really. Our fans are the kids who were picked on in school. They're also the kids who picked on someone and years later realized how damaging their actions were in someone's life. Our fans were dorks in h.s. And the cool kids who decided not to use their popularity for anything but good. But when it comes down to it, weren't were all underdogs at some point, or at least in our own minds at some point? And I must admit, I'm a huge fan of the underdogs. They people who didnt just use their looks or their position in some popularity game to get through. They are the smart kids, the sweet kids, the girls who felt ugly and unnoticed, the boys who werent athletic enough to be cool bc of a sport..our fans are moms and dads who want to give their kidssomething positive to listen to, to help them through the awkward years, the dating years, heartbreaks and peer pressure. Girls who made it through depression and cutting and questions of their sexuality, and say that we helped them on that journey somehow.

And every night, I stand on that stage in front of all of you, and am humbled that I have been some small part of your lives and your kids lives. And I see crowds of people who come maybe needng a reminder that life is short and precious. That they are special and unique and there is a plan for their life. That their choices affect the world and they can be a hero in somone's life. And I am honored to be a part of it. Every night. Even when I feel so sick I think I might pass out. ;-)

I'm off to take Nyquil and sleep friends. Hope you're all happy and healthy tonight.




  1. Cheers from a former underdog (a good girl who felt ugly & unnocticed and who overcame an eating disorder) who is now the mother of a preteen underdog (a good, sweet girl who isn't quite petitie & athletic enough to meet the world's standards). I am so thankful for bands like yours that are encouraging her to love who she is & be who God made her to be!

  2. I praise God every day for you -- my kids literally play one or another Superchick CD every day. I thank Him that there is awesome, fun, rocking music that builds up, that promotes spiritual health, that says it's OK to have these feelings but here's where to take them. My son listens, and will grow up with insight into the heart of hurting girls. One daughter listens with hope that she won't be the underdog forever. The other listens with the realization that "Girls can do that too!" (rock out in a Christian band) and plots the dreams of her future. My babygirl just plain ole' rocks out (I've posted video on your wall). Thank you Tricia for all of that. I pray your Nyquil & your nasty tonic are doing some good!!