Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Humility, good perspective and a ghetto van

Last weekend we drove(in the van, thank you)to Atlanta and played Atlantafest...we were the opening band wed night and the only band...had quite the nice crowd despite the intense heat and the sky looking a bit sketchy. Fun show, until about 4 songs from the end, we were pulled offstage because apparently there was lightning surrounding the stage, I just hadnt noticed, I guess. Sadly we didn't get to play the last 4 songs in the set, which happen to be the top singles we've had and the ones that most people know, and ironically enough, the last song would've been Stand In the Rain. haha, It happens. Ask me how funny it is when we pull up to festivals in our ghetto old van and park it in the spot where they thought we'd park our bus next to all the other buses. Pretty amazing moments. I need to write a book.

We drove about 6 hours after the show into Kentucky and had a hotel room for about 2 hours before we had to check-out. It wasnt the nicest hotel(or should I say motel)we've stayed at, so not being there long didnt make me sad apart from the lack of sleep. This is what being in a band living on a budget looks like, friends. The truth is, we had years we were making more and when the economy wasn't falling apart, and we didnt always spend it wisely. I see bands taking out multiple buses and flying home when they have a couple days off, and you know what I think? First, that $300 you just spent on that flight is right out of your own pocket and every time you decide to splurge on the nicer hotel or more rooms to be more comfy or first class seats, that's a vacation you could've spent with family, its money that could be in a savings account that could put a kid through college or sponsor a child for a whole year...well, you get my point. And second, everything unravels eventually. Esp in this career, if you're doing well, save what you make for the time which could be soon when people suddenly don't think you're as cool, don't buy as many albums, don't race to your shows and don't treat you like royalty.

Do I sound jaded? Honestly I don't feel jaded, I just feel like someone who's been working in a career for 11 years and seen plenty of success, amazing times, and seen the album I'm still proud of not do well. It happens. It's perspective, I think, not jadism...haha, I'm sure that's not a word but I like it. It's a Trishism.

While I'm off the topic....the other day we got to a show and saw the promoter, who we've worked with quite a bit. After our last tour we sent out thank-yous to all the promoters who brought us into their towns. We each wrote a little something inside. When we first saw the promoters, they thanked us for the card and said that in 12 years, it was the first thank-you note they'd ever received. We do feel like these people work so hard, take a gamble to bring us into their towns, pray for these events, and then sometimes we get to the show and dread being social, hide out in our buses or at our hotels til the last minute, treat the volunteers like they should be happy to wait on us bc of who we are..The truth is, if we're really doing this with the right hearts, we should walk out of the bus ready to meet new people, to reach out to someone who's in need and expect God to use us that day. I'm preaching to myself here too. I have hide-out days, guys. I think it's tough to find balance between giving until you lose your voice and emotionally can't handle another smile and not giving at all and just letting people serve you and even expecting it. I don't tell the story to say we're amazing people every day. I'm still just amazed and saddened that ours was the first card they've ever received.

So, Thursday we played Icthus. Very hot, but beautiful day in Kentucky. Our parents got to come out, and we got to see some great friends. The crowds at Icthus are always super energetic and sweet but we particularly liked this years. Really fun show and none of us passed out. =) A friend of mine from H.S. got to play the festival too, which was cool. His name is Brent Reed. Such a great, talented guy and I'm happy to see things moving forward for him. I also got to meet Dave Ramsey, Mr. financial guy. He wasnt actually all that friendly but I get being busy and tired and wanting to just eat and not be social all day long. He's helping a lot of people stop the mentality of living on credit cards and get DEBT FREE!! haha. It's a good thing.

After the show we made the roadtrip back to Nashville with our parents...they came to visit for a couple nights for Fathers Day weekend. It's such a cool thing to be friends with your parents, to enjoy them, to have adult conversation and be able to make silly jokes and have fun together. I love my parents. I love sharing what I do with them, because I know how proud they are of us, and I know I am who I am because of the 18+ years they raised and nurtured and loved and worried and didnt sleep and learned to let go and know I was ready to go...and I imagine that's one of the toughest moments for a parent. I look forward to them being an amazing grandma and grandpa to our kids someday..and after Fathers Day, in honor of them I say to myself and all of us. Don't wait for one Hallmark holiday a year to tell the people you love and treasure who they are to you. We all need to hear those words. We need to be needed. We all want to know we are valued by others and that our life matters. So let's not hold back our emotions and words because sometimes it's scarry to be vulnerable. Let tears flow if they need to, apologize, say I love you, hug someone longer...because all we have is today. It's a gift. It's not worth it to hold grudges and to be stubborn and to refuse the smallest 2 words that can heal so many huge wounds.

Tomorrow we have a meeting and then I'm writing for my worship album. I welcome your prayers for this album that I've always known would happen. I pray for creativity and inspiration from God. I feel small and humble in knowing how to worship and what we should always say...but I'm so encouraged by where it's going and excited to release it for all of you someday soon!!!

goodnight all--hope you're well wherever you are

(happy face) trish


  1. I was at AtlantaFest-- you all did a great set, even though it was cut short. It definitely would have been cool to hear Stand in the Rain in that particular circumstance, but there was some crazy lightning going on back behind the stage, so I understand why they had to stop you.

    I'll be praying for your worship album. Not just that it touches lives, but that it's a fulfilling process for you as well. :)

  2. What's funny is that while I was reading your 2nd paragraph, I was thinking that Dave Ramsey would like what you had to say! Then, you mentioned meeting him! I'm excited about the worship album & will be praying! :)

  3. haha, a ghetto van, sounds like the car my family has, the best part is that me and my 2 brothers and 3 sisters all get window seats :)
    good luck on your worship album, i'll be praying!

  4. So definitely not jaded. I'm taking notes for when my kids grow up & start their family punk band. :)