Sunday, May 16, 2010

Operation Beautiful

Tonight we played a h.s. in McAlister, PA. It was a perfect fall weather day out, and we woke up literally parked next to a soccer field and a nice track..I could sense Sophie's excitement when we had our potty walk this morning, and she was antsy all morning til Momma got ready and we went exploring. (Sophie's my dog. Not to be confused with my sister or something, and then that last statement would be really weird.)

Once in a while we hear of something that seems to really go along with our vision as a band, and recently we heard of this movement called Operation Beautiful. You can check it out more at The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post anonymous notes in public places for other women to find. The point is that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. You are enough... just the way you are! It's so simple, but if you make someone smile or think differently about themselves today, than it's worth the little effort, right? We loved the idea, and wrote Caitlin, who started O.B. and told her about our band and that some of our songs are about self-esteem, eating disorders, dealing with body image stuff and we'd love to get involved!

So on our album Rock What You Got there's a song called So Beautiful that pretty much sums up O.B. so Caitlin has used it in some of the videos she posts on her site, and we want to partner with Caitlin and help get the word out. Such a fun, easy, silly little way you can brighten someone's day.

Tonight at our show, Melissa and I posed with the amazing crowd and told them all about O.B. and how they could bring it to their town and start making a difference one little post-it at a time. And earlier today we made some signs and posed out in the soccer field(and I think Sophie even wanted to be a part of it...)

So, if you start this and tell someone about it, it will have a ripple affect, and we'll be making girls feel beautiful all over the world. Check out the website, come up with your own creative way to spread the love if you're interested, and I'd love to see some of your ideas too! If you can, send me a copy to this send them into O.B. and if you want, let them know you heard about them through us..=) Because we really are all beautiful, just like we are, but sometimes it's nice to hear.

p.s. I am wearing a tutu. It was made especially for me by the lovely Kim Mills and Jessica Ramsay. Thanks girls!!!


  1. I was at that concert tonight with my mom (who's in the very edge of the right of the picture) and I want to say you guys were awesome tonight. Your songs mean so much to me and really describe some of my feelings lately. By the way, I was the girl who had you all sign my guitar hero You guys are awesome and Jesus loves you!!!

  2. I heard about O.B. (through y'all) during NEDA week & posted about it on my blog. I love what you do for young women and helping them with their self esteem. Keep it up! :)

  3. I was there tonight, and it was my first time ever at your concert, yet my sister and I have been fans for years! =D
    You all did such a fantastic job! And I love OperationBeautiful! I leave little notes in dressing rooms where most girls--myself included--tend to feel the worst about themselves half the time.

    And I loved meeting you all and Sophie! She's just like our crazy little dog that my brother named Miss Piggy..=P

    Thanks for the awesome show!

  4. Oh I so hope you come to iowa soon. You are so wonderful. I love operation beautiful! I love how real you are in your notes...nothing is more beautiful than a candid heart!

  5. That rocks! So Beautiful is one of my girls' favorite songs -- in fact last year they wanted to do it for their school talent show but there's no karaoke of Superchick available anywhere yet. :(

    I love this idea & I'm sending a link of this post to my girlies and friends!