Saturday, October 2, 2010

Party time on the SChick tour...

Missoula, MT--

Here we are, about midway through the busiest time of tour. I'm in my spot in the back lounge, with Jurassic Park 2 playing, sister is next to me. The dogs are chewing bones and getting enough attention you'd think they really were our children.

We have had such a great start to this tour season! We started in Hobbs, NM, had tour rehearsal and first show there. Great start! Amazing crowd. Then we headed to Surprise, AZ. Another great show, great crowd, so many people showed up we couldnt beleve it! Next was Temecula, CA, then 6 flags in Valencia, CA...Gilbert, AZ, Highland, CA and then Hercules, CA ended the first little jaunt. 2 of the shows were smaller more intimate shows, but all just amazing response, good time with all the other bands, and overall we were so surprised by how many people drove far and came to hang with us.

We had 2 days off then and we chose to park in Seattle. Most of us have really good friends in the Seattle area,so we took the chance to see them and hopped off the bus a night. My bestest friend in the whole world, my Kory, lives in Seattle. She just had her first baby boy not long ago and this was my second time with my little Tollan! I got to go post baby shopping with Kory at, of course, forever21 and have dinner together, then I spent the first night with my friends Tiffiny and Jacob. They have a band called Noondaysun, and thats how we met a long time ago at some festivals around Seattle. Great friends, had such a fun night together! The weather was perfect Seattle weather, and we just felt spoiled by it! So refreshing to just have a change of scenery on tour, and when a day off canmean seeing people you love andrarely get to see, it feels like minivacations.

The night before our first day off we finally got to have some fun movie times after the show. We like scarry movies so we watched 28 days or something like that. Kind of cool movie. Then last night we redboxed the Book of Eli, which is just such a great movie. Definitely a must see if you havent. So we're watching the movie, the dogs are passed out and someone stands up to go grab a snack and accidentally stepped on a toy that still squeaks, sophie jumped out from under her blanket and half asleep starts looking for her toy. So funny. Never a dull moment.

We play here in Montana in about an hour. Last night was Spokane, WA. I had felt so wiped out all day and then walked out to this packed room of fans and people who would drive hours just to see us and the other bands on tour...its such a sweet, overwhelming part of what we do. We of course hope that people will come see us, but you just never know. And when they do, its kind of crazy to think that they choose to come see us instead of a million other things they could do, and pay for the evening as well. Pretty cool.

I have to say thank you to radio stations who are playing us, and playing our new single still here. When radio is behind a tour, we can see the difference in attendance and just awareness of where we are and when. We so appreciate getting to partner with all of the great djs out there and try to make people smile every day and inspire them through music. So look us up and come see the tour if we're remotely close to you! Its such a fun night of pretty diverse music. We're enjoying it as much as the fans, i'm pretty sure.

I'm off to get ready. Makeup time. :-) love it! Thanks to everyone whos come out to the reinvention tour so far! Its been a really great fall season, cant wait for the rest. Abd thank you for prayers for our safety and health and my voice. Its holding on. Tired some nights, and i have to rest it more, and other nights i've even been going out to sign and meet people. There was swetpet lady in VIP tonight who said shes been praying for me. So cool. Thanks guys! Much love



  1. Too bad ya'll aren't coming to San Antonio this tour. It's awesome to see ya'lls love for the fans. I'd like to see the show. I'll keep praying for ya'll.

    (The big old security guy)
    Be Blessed.

  2. I'm glad the tour is going well! Praying that your voice stays strong!

  3. Thanks about the Eli comment, been thinkin of netflixin.

  4. Your show in Salt Lake was awesome! My friend and I got VIP tickets and went to the question-and-answer (I asked the question about how you go about songwriting) and then got a poster signed and a picture after the show. You made my year. Totally. :D

    Take care of your voice. Drink as much water as you can. Don't drink sodas - they'll dry your vocal folds out, and your vocal folds need as much moisture as possible right now. Make sure you're using enough air when you sing - if you starve your vocal folds of air, your throat will seize up and make the opening around your vocal cords smaller to compensate for the lack of air. That fatigues your vocal cords faster, and can cause a lot of pain.


  5. I live in Montana, and I saw your concert in Missoula! I loved it and look forward to seeing SuperChick again! Keep up the good work!
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