Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall tour season is here..

Here I sit, all packed and ready to go..not wanting to go to bed bc its my last night in my house for a month, and going to bed means waking up and leaving. For all 12 years of touring, it hasnt ever been easy for me to leave for tour season. Especially when its for more than a week or 2. I remember back in the first couple years of touring, it was really emotional for me. Like that feeling you get when you leave for college, or your parents drive away and leave you somewhere new, or your first day of h.s. Nervous, a little anxiety, trying to be overly organized and ready, emotional but not really knowing why. Its not a new thing for me, and its a bit easier now, but not a piece of cake. When my heart is somewhere else, I really feel divided. I love people deeply. I want to be in their lives daily, somehow, communication if not in you can see my career has stretched me. I've seen how God has changed me through this place of tension in my life. Its good for us to be uncomfortable sometimes right?

Almost always, the minute I get into the bus with the band, my nerves calm and I remember that this is where I've been called, and so its where I want to be. It doesnt make me not miss my husband every one of the 30 some days we're doesnt make me forget that I'm the friend who misses baby births and holidays and weddings. But it gives purpose to the things that arent easy.

So tomorrow we leave for the start of the Reinvention tour. Mostly on the west coast, and that's exciting. We have such a great time on the west coast when we go. Maybe we dont over-expose ourselves there, so people arent bored with us. :-) i'm hoping to see some friends I dont see often enough, and I want to really try to enjoy each day, each place, new people, my band and the bands on the tour.

The first 2 weeks of tour we have 6 shows a week. Not really my favorite way to tour. I like to have maybe 3 or 4 shows and a couple rest days for voice and peace of mind..i am not celine dion but I've started really having to know my voice and my limits and have no talking or less talking days when needed. This tour with this many shows, I'm a bit worried. My voice still is a little rough from this summer and a cold that took it away, so it feels a bit fragile. What I try to do is rest my voice as much as I can on show days..but still inevitable if its pretty tired after the show and we have 4 shows in a row coming up, I have to not go out to sign after the show. It really makes me feel awful people! I know that people wait in lines and want to meet us and connect with us, and we love that! I've tried the whole, I wont talk while i sign. Lets be honest, that wont work. If I'm there, I feel so rude not talking to each person at least a bit. So please know that we are so excited about this tour. We hope you come out. I would love your prayers for my voice to be strong and make it like a champ all tour. And if I dont come out for signing sometimes, know that I feel awful sitting in the bus all alone, not talking, being a hermit, hanging with my dog bc with dogs, no words are necessary.

By the way, this week I went and officially signed the deal for my solo worship album! We've been writing away and looking through songs I might cover. So exciting and so much fun doing this whole project with my husband, Nick. What a special thing for us to do together. The album releases next spring. We will start recording pretty soon after we both get back from tour this fall. Nick plays guitar for Stellar Kart for anyone who doesnt follow him, and if I didnt mention it before. Theyre really busy too, so at least no one is getting left at home. :-) how about another super/stellar tour?? That would be nice and convenient.

So here we come, west coast! It will be us, bread of stone, me in motion and manafest. Should be a great night! Hope to see you soon...