Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh the many hats we wear...

We had a great show this weekend in Lafayette, LA...we took our new(new for us, but used van)on its first roadtrip. Sometimes I enjoy roadtrips. It reminds me of the old days..when we rarely got a whole nights sleep in a hotel bed. When we didnt even always get a shower(for the members who like to regularly shower, that is..), and if we did, sometimes it was a flying J truck stop, not a hotel, because tours like Festival Con Dios were routed so badly and most nights were a solid drive so there wasnt time to sleep in a hotel, drive and get there for set up and soundcheck. Makes me tired just thinking of it. But we were all young. I think we might fall apart at the seams if touring still looked like this.

Pretty uneventful trip, other than how frightening it is in some of these tiny southern towns to pull up to a gas station...sometimes between the other drivers and the workers, it for sure feels like walking into the Twilight Zone. Much worse when I have a mohawk. Then I feel slightly afraid for my life. Our drummer, Chase, said at one point as we pulled into a truck stop..."sometimes the south scares me." haha, I would say I'm more amused than scared.

We pulled up for our early morning soundcheck to things running hours behind..but what started as a frustrating day turned into a nice one. the volunteers at Surgefest were so sweet, so helpful! I love when the people who are the heart behind these shows know that we like to get to know them, that its okay to talk to artists, ask questions, as long as you arent a crazy stalker. Then we are probably going to avoid you. ;-) Its been a long time since I met one of those. We played with Group 1 crew, KJ 52, seventh day slumber and Jeremy Camp. Nice day. Great crowd! The sweetest people working in catering who just loved to feed people and made us feel quite at home. And it was in the 70s. In December. Nice change but I must say I like my seasons..and winter is a favorite!

This week I'm working on details for my photo shoot. Sifting through my own stuff, shopping for some looks I want, talking hair with my hair stylist..all fun stuff! The shoot and everything about it will be a different side of me than my fans have seen with Superchick. Fun that I get to show the different hats I wear. I love the feel of Anthropology. The sort of vintage skirts, dresses, tights, boots, sweaters and things..a side of fashion I dont get to explore a lot, but now I can. The softer side of Tricia is what you might expect. This month will be busy. We're working on final vocals as each song gets done, or mostly done. My favorite part of this process is when it all comes together, and I can perfect the vocals with the music all there. :-) Superchick is about to start working on our new album, so this winter will be lots of sangin and writing for me. Exciting!!

I found myself sitting in my house today feeling thankful. For the little things. For a warm house, for my snuggly, sweet dogs, for a job I almost always love(chuckle, chuckle), for new and old friends, a husband who is everything the wrong guys who broke my heart in the past were not, for hope, for things to look forward to and people I love to experience all of it with. My friends, the Hammitts, from sanctus real, had a baby boy a couple months ago who was born with a rare heart disorder. They just recently got to take him home..they were featured on abc talking about this journey and I watched the clip today. To see these friends sharing feelings and emotions I can't imagine having to go through was so hard for me. Matt said something I'll remember. I have said the same thing but in different words many times. He said sometimes you have to choose to trade in pain for a purpose. Interesting way to say it. They said they didnt know how long they would have Bowen, so if they could share his story and God's faihfulness then they gave his life purpose. So much of life is our response to what happens to us and around us.

I'm off friends. Maybe bed early. But I doubt it. Have a great week! I'm crossing my fingers for a good snow here in Nashville.

If you wanted to hear the Hammitt's story. Have tissues close at hand.

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  1. Thanks for the advice about the tissues! Those words are good & something I need to take to heart.