Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reaching for more..

It's my birthday month, July. This month reminds me of my birthday parties as a kid..they were pool parties with all my friends. My mom made her amazing sloppy joe's, mac& cheese, we had cake and ice cream,..and my grandparents had an always stocked fridge in the garage, every pop you could imagine and want as a kid. So, combine snacks and fun, diving board competitions, splashing each other, traipsing through my grandparents house dripping wet and getting yelled at by them. haha. Isnt it amazing how real memories are?! I can taste the watermelon my mom would always have cut up for us...can see some of my girlfriends sitting all around while we opened presents..can hear the oldies music playing that my grandpa had playing on about 5 different am/fm stereos in the house and around the pool. From the time he woke up until he got settled for the night, there was always an oldies station playing. No wonder I love oldies music, right? it's happy, childhood memories that are associated with it. I can clearly remember that the parties were GIRLS ONLY, and then I remember a year when I asked if I could invite boys..ahhh how things changed. Suddenly there wasnt just fun in the sun. There was drama. The boy you have a crush on is talking to your friend more than you...oh. my. gosh. The world is coming to an end!!!!! But it felt huge at the time, didnt it??

This weekend Nick was gone for shows, and I had the weekend off, so I drove to Indiana to my parents farm to hang a couple days and pick up our little hairy kids. =) Today I had a girl day with my Mom and one of her best friends Paula..we stopped by Florence Mall in FLorence, H.S. was close, and that was the Mall I considered "my" Mall...walking through the food court, through Macy's and forever21, I had moments of feeling 16 and so insecure. Wondering if that cute boy noticed me, wondering if my outfit was as cool to anyone else as I thought it was when I thought about it for 20 minutes that day...and I said to my Mom, "I am so glad I'm all grown up and don't have that feeling anymore." Like the weirdest fish in the fishbowl. On display for everyone to stare and laugh at. Wow, teen years can be tough. Something happens in your 20's. Somewhere in there you start to feel like you fit in your skin. And you really stop caring so much what anyone thinks. It's a great feeling, isnt it??

Ok, enough of the flashback to the 90's..

My album has been out a couple months now. I have been so overwhelmed by how many of you have sent me stories about your favorite song, how the album is encouraging don't know how much it means to me! I love hearing from you, being able to communicate with the very people supporting my project by facebook and twitter.

The new Superchick album is in full swing! We've been working during the weeks when we're home at Studio Max. =) We have some amazing songs we've been demo-ing, and I am certain Superchick fans are going to be so excited about the direction we've gone in, and how we're bringing some old school back into it. Thats all I'll say...=)

Hope you're all having a great summer! The last week I have had several conversations, all with different people, that have lead me to believe that God has something He's trying to tell me. I think we can all agree that we can look around us at the world and generally see a heavy, broken place. And it can be easy to feel defeated. I have those days when it seems like everything, everyone around me is trying to fight anything I do, Anything I work for, anything I'm reaching for...what's not easy is to choose to see the other people. To remember what I do have. To picture the faces of my family, friends, strangers who get the vision of what we do, what I do and who encourage and support it. Because there is good. And the whole world isnt against us. Life can be tough. Life can be an uphill battle at times, but at its worst, we are blessed. We have a breath to breathe today, we have a roof over our heads, food to eat, we have people who love us and will be there for us through the thickest and through the thinnest. We are blessed. And we can choose to see the good. Choose to hope for what tomorrow can hold. We can not let ourselves become defeated. We can remember that we are the children of a God who wants the best for us. Who sees what is and what is to come, and Who is a gracious Father. We can let our hearts keep hoping, even when something inside says to stop hoping and dreaming and praying because its futile, because its us against the world and our prayers never seem to reach past the roof of our house. So this is my hope for all of us. And it starts with me.

Do we have the faith, the courage, the strength to keep up the good fight? To rise above the things that threaten to drown us? To hope another day when it feels like the easiest thing would be to give up and say I'm done with all of it. I think we all have it in us. And that's what I'm reaching for tonight.

much love--T

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