Wednesday, October 6, 2010

'never, never, never give up..

Today we were in Buena Vista, CO. Such a beautiful town. Mountains all around us. We were eating dinner when a lady walked up to us..she said she wanted to make sure to get to tell us this. Instantly I had a feeling that this wasnt an easy story for her to tell by the look in her eyes. She said that over a year ago she lost her 17 year old daughter in a car accident. Her daughter was a superchick fan and at her funeral, where over 1,000 people came from all over, they played We Live. She said itwas such a hard day but she thought it was a perfect song, because there isnt much that makes sense when something like that happens, but you have to just keep going, live and love, forgive and never give up...

So tonight we dedicated we live to her daughter. I cant imagine how hard it is to love hour daughter, your sister..melissa got to meet her brother and sister. She found out more of the story. Abby was driving, she went off the road, her car when into a river and she drown. Her mom said it was so hard wondering how she actually died, what she was thinking, if she felt so alone. Questions every mom would ask. Questions I know there arent really answers to, and the only peace that could come out of this for this family has to be from God.

Nights like tonight, I know that we might have been sent here just for this family. For some healing or closure for them. Amazing that god will take a whole tour to Colorado, possibly for one person, or a family. He loves us that much.--

Night everyone. Off to finish this episode of extreme makeover home edition. Yes we're crying allready. I love this show.



  1. Hi,
    reading that story actually made me cry. For the family who needed to lost a loved member. And also for God who now let the family meet you, because that's how amazing he is. I can just imagine how hard it has to be to ask all those questions from youself. I hope Abby didn't need to feel any pain.
    And sorry if my English isn't really fluent, I actually speak Finnish as my native. (;

  2. Brazil loves you Tricia :D ♥