Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Take a breath, take a step

Well, I must say 2011 has had an interesting start. I think in all my adult years, 1 thing I have learned. If you try to make some prediction about what you think the New Year holds...well, lets just say, You'll be surprised. I am every year.

I'm not sure what the mood of 2011 has been for all of you. For Nick and I, its been a perfect mixture of disappointment in some areas and yet feeling so at peace and hopeful in others. I sometimes wonder, does the bad cancel out the good when theyre both in your life at the same time? I would say that it can. But that its our choice. We can decide not to let the tough places in life keep us stuck..and we can choose to feel what we need to feel. Move through the healing that you need but allow yourself to move on.

Have you ever gotten used to hurting and eventually found that you werent sure how to function if you moved on? Haha. Sounds crazy but it happens. My first broken heart..I was sad for so many months, and eventually my amazing sister who had been so patient with me, so understanding..told me it was time to smile again. Well, she actually did an interpretive dance to "beautiful day" by U2. Twice. A small part of me wanted to laugh. A bigger part of me had been so mad at the world and any happy people in it for so long that I was mad at her for trying to break my unsmiling phase. But she got through to me. It was time to move on.

So I called the boy and I told him to stop calling, because being his "friend" definitely wasnt helping me move on.

That was the moment I chose not to be the victim anymore. Sometimes we feel safer in a place we're used to, a job that might make us miserable, with someone who doesnt know how to love us, with friends who take and dont know how to give..but moving into a new place, a new job, being alone without that person, is scarrier than just being miserable and staying where you've been. Sometimes the best advice is just that its time to move.

Yesterday the first song from my album released..on a compilation of new artists called Now Hear This. The song is called Lean. My husband, Nick, and I wrote it with a friend and talented writer named Sarah Hart. We have 2 or 3 covers that will be on the album, the rest are songs we wrote with several different writers. We had the meeting this week, picked our 10 songs, decided on title. The album will be called The Road. Release day is 6/7/11. I'll make sure to blog more until share behind the songs stories and more of the process. We are so excited, to say the least!

We had my photo shoot for my album a couple weeks ago. Our friend and talented photographer, David Molnar, shot for us. He did an amazing job! We had a great day, and had fun doing it. My friend and hairstylist, Renae Morton, did hair and makeup. Renae owns Lucy Pop salon here in Nashville. She's done my hair for years and even did my wedding day hair. Love her! My sister helped me with styling that day..accessories, shoes, decisions I didnt want to have to make. My friend, Grace Stevens helped me with styling/shopping ahead of time. We had quite the fun day together. She made me her little china doll, and we played dress-up in forever21's dressing room. I'll make sure to share some of the shots when I get them back..

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Stay warm and safe wherever you are..I think Nashville got snowed in tonight. Which means theres half an inch of snow on the ground, and everyone will raid stores for water, bread and soup. Haha. Oh, living in the south. We're a hot mess, Nashville.

Much love--T

P.s. i have a new favorite flavor out of Baskin Robbins 32 dad helped me discover it. Its Gold Ribbon...chocolate, vanilla and little bits of caramel in there. Ummmm wow. Yes. Try it. Its happiness in a pint. Goodnight all.


  1. i HAVE gotten used to the day to day. Afraid to take the next step. My biggest fear right now is feeling comfortable interning in a rehab center. youre right. being comfy in the miserable is sometimes easier than taking that step off the ledge and allowing yourself to experience the uncomfy uncertainty, but i agree that staying in my miserable job is much scarier. I CANNOT do this the rest of my life. I find great peace in knowing that i am on the right path and even though there is uncertainty of the process, i am SO CLOSE to my GOAL it is allowing myself to make it through today.
    Im soooo stoked about the album! i would love to read about the story behind each song. keep us posted!
    btw- Gold Ribbon is a def a yummy flavor. way to go Dad for showing you. - Debs

  2. It's kind of funny that you posted this and am at the point in my life where change is needed.But like you said it's scary to move on and easy to stay.
    I think I have to make the step to be uncomfortable for a little bit to get where am happy and really want to be.

  3. I have definitely allowed myself to get stuck in those tough places at times. I still have my moments, but I know that's not what God wants for me. Yay for your first song being released!! I'll definitely check it out ~ I have all of Superchick's albums, so I'll definitely buy yours!!

  4. Your single on I tunes is great! I can't wait to hear the rest!
    - layla

  5. I'm an atheist, but I think your faith is so amazing. Even though I don't believe in the sames things you do I admire you so much and you're an inspiration to me and plenty of other girls.

  6. I really have two comments:

    1-I'm in a class called Firestarters, don't know if you've ever heard of it, but two of the points are RISK and FAITH. basically it's stepping out on Faith, not afraid of the risk. Some focuses are on prayers for healing (with authority in Christ) and prophecy.

    2-My case manager told me a story that goes right along with what you're talking about-being stuck in the 'confort zone':
    "There was a dog and he always chewed on this bone, but he had chewed on it so much it was rotting away his teeth. The dog knows the bone is hurting him much more every time he holds on to it, and chews more....but if you try to take the bone from him, he will growl at you and pull tighter on it. Well we just need to let go of the things that are destroying us and hand them over to God, because he knows what to do with our 'bones' that will protect us, and he will not be hurt by holding on to it, or getting rid of it"

    -Vicky from Topeka, KS

  7. "Have you ever gotten used to hurting and eventually found that you werent sure how to function if you moved on?"

    My therapist told me once: "The hardest thing to let go is our attachment to suffering." True, isn't it?