Sunday, January 10, 2010

Avatars and TVLand and happily ever after..

So, we saw Avatar at the IMAX in 3D last night with our friends, the Molnars...a visually beautiful movie! People did not hype it up so much that I was disappointed. (Always lame when that happens..) I found myself wishing there really were these tall, beautiful blue Avatars that live somewhere, and dreaming of being one. I mean, who doesnt want to run through beautiful, lush marsh areas that are glow in the dark to the touch? Who doesnt want their very own, interesting creature thing they can connect with by the ends of their hair and fly with over mountains and oceans? I imagine that most of us saw this movie, and loved how far off and fairytale-ish it felt, that it took us away for those 3 hours to another place..a place that had struggles and beauty and love of its own, and in that 3 hours would faithfully end in a happy place so that we could go home and believe that all of life could end this way...

sidenote, our band has this song called was always one of my favorites..not because I love TVLand shows still, to this day...but how true that so many of us find ourselves captivated by these movies and shows that are comfortable and safe because we know that when there is a family problem in Leave it to Beaver, all will be made well by that 30 minute ending. When Jeannie would get herself in a bind(as she always did), she could just wrinkle that adorable little nose of hers and take herself away, to safety or to her husband or wherever she chose, and in that 30 minute episode, life would end as it should. Happy and smiling. If only, right? haha. I'm not sure I'd want life that predictable. I might get in the habit of sitting around anytime things got tough with a timer, and just wait for that 30 minute commercial break sound when the TV gets 3 times as loud as the show ever was. Can I not forget the Andy Griffith show? Oh how I still love it. Its happy and safe and simple and I feel wholesome when I've sat through an episode or 2 or 3. My friends love me for these quirks, let me tell you!

We all love a Happily ever after. Sometimes we might have to stick out the hard times for a little bit longer, but life is good and beautiful and complex. (Is it ok if I still really hope that I can have one of those little creatures that was in Flight of the Navigator, or better yet, a flying dog like in the Neverending Story??) I'd say yes. Go on and dream.-- And if you havent seen Avatar at an IMAX and 3D. Do it while you can. It's just beautiful.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”--thank you, C.S.Lewis

p.s. check out what David and Tammy Molnar do and how they make the world a lovelier place..good friends we play and dream with.


  1. i often times sing TVland in my head when i find myself in situations that i would rather live in TVland...and then i giggle and shake my head. when i was in highschool i did a project on the song depicting the psychology around all those tvshows and how they effect the reality today. it was fun!
    I havent seen Avatar yet...its definately on my to-do list. im liking your blogs! keep 'em up!

  2. Seeing Avatar is on my to do list as well. I do want to see Sherlock Holmes, though. I hadn't thought about IMAX. There is an IMAX Theater about an hour from my place. It might be cool.

    I love a lot of the old shows. I have to admit having a timer to just wait for that "break" so that everything will be resolved might be rather handy at times.

    In addition to resolving problems in 30 minutes, I think I rather like the fact that there were people that had values and stuck to them. It seems so rare anymore. I know there are plenty of people that do, but it seems so foreign anymore.

    And I love fairy tales. I'm a hopeless romantic. Gotta love happy endings. :)

  3. Some days, how I would *love* a magic 30 minute timer....but overall I agree, life is beautiful and complex - how boring it would be if everything magically resolved itself.

    I really wanted that little pink creature in Flight of the, "compliance"! And the dog from Neverending Story....two of my favorite movies of all time! Of course, now I'll hear the Neverending Story song for the rest of the night. =)

  4. aww thx trish! we love playing & dreaming with you guys too!! how beautifully well written this bloggity blog post is.:) i love the c.s. lewis quote! the 'happily ever after' definitely is the icing on the cake phase...trying to remind myself about the baking and waiting that goes into it beforehand part. thx for the sweet reminders. you're a gem.


  5. I loved Avatar too. It had such an amazing message and the entire movie was breath taking.